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科普小学六年级 上册月考试题


? ? ? ? ?

1./’ ?li/ 2./r??/ 3./sta:rt/ 4./eid?/ 5./bi‘f?:/

age before early wrong start

开始 错误的 年龄 在……以前 早的


( ( ( ( (

)1.A.rice B. bread )2.A.month B. always )3.A.China B. New York )4.A.age B. twelve )5.A.doctor B. typist

C. lunch C. day C. Washington C. six C. work


1.too _________ 2.early _________ 3.have _________ 4.wash _________ 5.Let’s _________ 6.month_________

(同音词) (反义词) (正在进行时) (第三人称单数) (完全形式) (复数)


( ( ( ( ( (

) 1.wake up ) 2.walk to school ) 3.do sports ) 4.by the way ) 5.be afraid of ) 6.put on

A.穿上 B.顺便问一下 C.害怕 D.步行去学校 E.醒来 F.做运动


( ) 1. It’s time ____lunch . A. to B. for C. at ( ) 2.I always have lunch ___ twelve. A. in B. at C. on ( ) 3.There is something wrong ____ his clock. A. for B. on C. with ( ) 4.____ Lele ____ morning exercises every day? A. Do;does B . do;do C. Does;do ( ) 5.I think she’s not ___ today. A. well B. good C. hello

( ) 6.Sometimes he asks his daughter ___ with him. A. goes B. to go C. going ( ) 7.Where ____ Tom ____ from? He ____ from England. A. do; comes; comes B. does; comes; come C. does; come; comes

( ) 8.She lives ______ New York. A. in B . at C. on ( ) 9. I often have rice ____lunch . A. to B. for C. in ( ) 10.My mother isn’t at home, My father isn’t at home,____. A. and B. too C. either


( )1.Where do you come from? ( )2.What time is it?. ( )3.Do you always have breakfast at seven? ( )4.Take a seat,please? ( )5.Does he watch TV in the evening?

A. Yes, I do.
B. Thank you. C. Yes,he does. D. I come from China. E. It’s six

七、按要求变换句子。 ? 1. She comes from England.(改为一般疑 问句) ? ______________________________ ? 2.I come from the USA.(对画线部分进行 提问) ? —————————————————— ? 3.always,do,at,twelve,you,have, lunch(?)(连词成句) ? —————————————————

? 4.Do you usually have noodles for lunch? (根据自己实际情况回答) ? —————————————————— 5.I’d like to get the job.(一般疑问句) you like the job?


It’s 8:30. It’s time for school. John wakes up. He has no time to do morning exercises today. His mother always mak

es breakfast at 7:30. But now she isn’t in the kitchen. He has no time for breakfast. His father always takes him to school at 8:00. But he isn’t at home. John has to walk to school. He running to school, but there isn’t anyone in the school. It’s only 7:30. He is to early. Now John knows the clock in his room doesn’t work.

? ( )1.John’s mother always makes breakfast at______. ? A. 8:30 B. 7:30 C. 8:00 ? ( ) 2.Who always takes John to school? ? A. His father ? B. His mother ? C. He always walks to school. ? ( ) 3.John ___ to school today. ? A. takes a bus B. rides a bike C. runs

? ( ) 4.When does John get to school today? A. At 8:00 B. At 7:30 C. At 8:30 ? ( ) 5. Why is John so early? ? Because _______. A. his father isn’t at home. B. his mother doesn’t make breakfast. C. His clock doesn’t work.

? 九、请你用英语简单介绍一下你一天的生活,语句 要通顺,不少于5句话。(10分) I get up at 5:30 in the morning. I do morning exercises at 5:50 in the morning。I have breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. I go to school at 8:00 in the morning. I have lunch at 12:00 in the afternoon. I have supper at 6:00 in the evening. I go to bed at 9:00 in the evening.

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