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? Jinan, known as the "City of Springs", is the capital of Shandong Province-a coastal economic power of eastern China, as well as a provincial center for politics, economy, culture, technology, education, tourism and finance.

Jinan is located in North China, connecting to Central China and Shandong Province, linking Beijing and Shanghai, and it is the country's major transport hub

This is Jinan

Just as I have said that Jinan has a nickname “Spring City”.There are 72 famous springs . Baotu Spring, the best one.which is called "the first spring under the heaven“.

Heihu Spring

Wulong Tan Spring

Spring city square

Spring mark—the marking
and the symbol of Jinan

We may all remember this picture.

? Daming Lake ,is one of the biggest lakes in jinan.It is located at the center of jinan's urban area.

Qianfo Mountain
? Qianfo Mountain is in the city proper with an altitude of 285 meters. It has a long history with beautiful sceneries.

Qianfo Mountain Temple Fair

Red-leaf valley- the best place to see red

Lingyan temple

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