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目标:掌握形容词的比较级 两者之间比较。 句式:A+is/are+形容词的 比较级+than+B. A比B更、、、 She is taller than Tom。 陈述句型

Bi qing is thinner than Guangliang. Guangling is fatter than Boqing.

Tom is taller than Jim. Jim is shorter than tom.

The bigger is nicer. The bigger one is nicer than the smaller one. The smeller is nearer.

Which引导的比较级的 选择疑问句。 当我们想知道A和B哪一个 更、、、时,要用句型 “Which is+形容词的比较级 +AorB?” Which is bigger,cat or pig? Pig is bigger./Pig.

Which is faster ,bick or car? Car./The car is faster than bick.

Which is safer ,a plane or a train? A tyain./A train is safer Than a plane.

Which is longer,1or2? 2./2 is longer than 1.

Which hotel is nicer?
Excuse me.Are there any hotels near here? Yes,there are two.One is big. The other is small. Which is nearer? The smaller one is nearer. Which one is nicer?

The smaller one is cheaper . But the bigger one is cleaner. I think the bigger one is nicer. Ok .I will go to the bigger one. Thank you very much. You are welcome.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

What are the two men waiting for? Are they talking happily? Are there many people at the station? What are the two men still doing? Who is crying,the train is leaving Please be quick. Do the two men run to the train? Who is faster and who is slower?

? ? ? ? ?

Who is misses the train? Is the faster man sad? What does the guard say to him? Whose train is this,the fatter man or the thinner man?

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