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Unit 10 Jump in!


我的黑色的小狗们 你的棕色的小猫们 他的绿色的袜子 你的白色的衬衣 他的蓝色的衬衣 她的灰色的书包



Revision- 翻译句子
Are my dogs brown? No, they are black. 我的狗都是棕色的吗?不,它们是黑色的。 Are your cats brown? 你的猫都是棕色的吗? Yes, they are. 是的,它们是。 你的狗都是棕色的吗? Are your dogs brown? No, my dogs aren’t brown. They are black. 不,我的狗不是棕色的。它们是黑色的。 你的衬衣都是什么颜色的? 它们是纯白的。 What colour are your shirts? They are pure white. 我的书包都是灰色的。你的书包是什么颜色的? My bags are grey? What colour are your bags? 他的铅笔都是银色的吗? they are white. Are his pencils silver? No,不,他们是白色的。 她的袜子是脏的吗? Are her socks dirty? No, her socks aren’t dirty. They are clean. 她的袜子不是脏的,是干净的。 P71 看图造句。

P72 造句练习 (每一小组派三对分别选择 三个例句中的一句造句) 课文复习 快速回答P69问题


New Words and Expressions
jump 跳 hurry up 快点儿 Wait a minute! 等一下 Come on! 快点儿! full 满的 Oh, dear! 噢,天啊! empty 空的 Gee! 哎呀!

empty oh,dear!

hurry up
wait a minute


Come on

New Words and Expressions
of course people Never mind! heavy your my his her 当然 人 不要紧 重的 你的 我的 他的 她的

your his
never mind
of course 根据英语说汉语



Look at those pictures!




Listening and Understanding
Listen to the text, and answer: Is the bus full? Whose bags are full? Is the car full?

Robert: Hurry up, Lucy! Here’s the bus! Lucy: Wait a minute! My bag’s heavy. Robert: My bag’s heavy, too. Come on!

Robert: Oh, no! The bus is full! Lucy: Oh, dear! Our school buses are all full.

Robert: What’s in your bag? Lucy: Books, of course! Robert: My bag is full of books, too. Look, there’s Claire! Hello, Claire!

Claire: Hello Robert! Hello Lucy! What’s the matter, Lucy? Lucy: The buses are all full and our bags are very heavy.

Claire: Gee, they are heavy! What’s in them? Robert: They’re full of books, and the buses are full of people.

Claire: Never mind! Here’s my Mom with the car. And the car’s empty. Jump in, and put your bags in, too!


Answer the questions: Are the school buses all full? Yes, the school buses are all full.
Whose bags are full? Lucy’s and Robert’s bags are both full. Is the car full? No, the car isn’t full.

Listening and Understanding– 课文注释
Jump in! Hurry up! 祈使句。

Here’s the bus.
Here开头的句子,主语是名词需要倒装。 Wait a minute!

等一会。= Just a minute. Wait a moment.
Oh, no! Oh, dear! 表示沮丧或遗憾。

Our school buses are all full.

our 我们的, 形容词性物主代词
my, your, his, her, our, your, their

名词单数变复数规则变形: 1. 直接在词尾加 –s, dogs, cats, books 2. 在以s, x, sh, ch结尾的单词后加 –es, boxes 3. 以-f或-fe结尾的单词,改-f或-fe为v,再加-es leaf-leaves thief-thieves knife-knives 4. 以辅音字母+y结尾的名词,改y为i,加-es party-parties family-families city-cities 5. 以o结尾的名词,是生物加-es, 非生物加-s tomato-tomatoes potato-potatoes piano-pianos photo-photos

实战练习: citycountrybook-




My bag is full of books, too.

be full of 被…填满 表语形容词+介词,固定搭配
Gee, they are heavy!

Gee表示吃惊的感叹词; are要重读。
They’re full of books, and the buses are full of people.

不规则变化的复数形式。 person的复数通常是people。

Never mind!

别担心!=“please don’t worry about it”.

Guided Conversation
Is Lucy’s bag heavy? Yes, it is. Is Robert’s bag heavy, too? Yes, it is. Is the bus empty? No, it isn’t. Is it full? Yes, it is. Are the school buses all full? Yes, they are.

Is Robert’s bag full of books? Yes, it is. Is Lucy’s bag full of books? Yes, it is. Are their bags very heavy? Yes, they are. Are the buses full of people? Yes, they are. Is the car full? No, it isn’t.

Which buses are all full? The school buses are all full. What’s in Lucy’s bag? The books in Lucy’s bag. Whose bag is full of books, too? Robert’s bag is full of books, too. What are full of books? The bags are full of books. What’s empty? Claire’s mom’s car is empty.

Are Lucy’s and Robert’s bags light? No, they aren’t. They are heavy. Are the school buses empty? No, they aren’t. They are full. Are their bags full of apples? No, they are. They are full of books. Is Claire’s mother’s car full of people? No, it isn’t. It’s empty.

What is full? The bus is full. Which buses are full The school buses are full. What’s in Lucy’s bag? The books are in Lucy’s bag. Whose bag is full of books, too? Robert’s bag is full of books, too.

Listen to the text again and repeat.

Answer the questions on Page 77 一般疑问句:Is + 主语 ……? 特殊疑问句:What/Whose/Which …? Read the text by yourself.

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two thirty thirty-one thirty-two forty forty-one forty-two fifty fifty-one fifty-two sixty sixty-one sixty-two seventy seventy-one seventy-two eighty eighty-one eighty-two ninety ninety-one ninety-two hundred one hundred

Pattern Practice

My _____ is ______. bag full
My _____ isn’t ______. bag empty

Camera is My ______ __ old. My _____ isn’t new ___ camera ____ ____.

_____ is ____. _____ isn’t ____.

Pattern Practice


my your your


My _____ is ______. My _____ isn’t ____.
my your his her our your their 即兴造句。

Pattern Practice

My _____ is ______. bag full
My _____ isn’t ______. bag empty

bags are Our _____ ___ empty. Our bags aren’t full ___ _____ ____ ____.

Pattern Practice

Your camera is ____. ______ old
Your camera isn’t ____. ______ new

Your cameras ___ new. ______ are Your cameras ____ ____. ___ ______ aren’t old

Pattern Practice

His ______ is _____. teacher young
His ______ isn’t ____. teacher old

teachers are Their ______ ___ old. Their ______ ____ ____. ___ teachers aren’t young

Pattern Practice

Her ______ is _____. car clean
Her ______ isn’t ____. car dirty

cars are Their ______ ___ dirty. Their ____ aren’t ____. ___ cars ____ clean

Revision: Pattern Practice

单数名词 My/Your/His/Her _______ is _____. 单数名词 My/Your/His/Her _______ isn’t ___.
复数名词 Your/Their _______ are _______. Your/Their 复数名词 aren’t _______. ______ P79即兴造句。

Pattern Practice
Your bag is full.

Is your bag full? Yes, it is.
Your bags are full. Are your bags full? No, they aren’t.

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Is your camera old Yes, it is. Is your camera new _________________? No, it isn’t. (your)

__________________? Are your cameras new Yes, they are. Are your cameras old _________________?

No, they aren’t. (your)

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Is his teacher young Yes, she is. Is his teacher old _________________? No, she isn’t. (his)

__________________? Are their teachers old Yes, they are. Are they young _________________?

No, they aren’t. (their)

Fill in the blanks
_________________? Is her car clean Yes, it is. Is her car dirty _________________? No, it isn’t. (her)

Are their cars dirty ________________? Yes, they are. Are they clean _________________?

No, they aren’t. (their)

复习句型:P 79 看图造句
3. Is your/his/her ______ _______? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

4. Are your/their _____ ______? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

P71 Pattern Practice

P80 书面练习:

a. 1, 4 b. 2, 3


Review Class 1 & 2. 学习国际音标 P73 听力练习。 填字游戏和选择填空。 随堂练习。

/?/ thing three thirteen thirty thirsty thanks /? / there they this




Listen 相同还是不同?

this - that think - thought though - throw three - thee those - these brother - mother father - feather south - southern weather - wither

others - Athens both - bother bathe - bather bath - bathe the - them with - without than - thank you thin - within

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