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Unit 1 What is your father?


【单词】家庭成员类 :grandpa grandma father brother sister

farmer mother aunt(阿姨) 职业类: worker driver nurse doctor

teacher student cook policeman

形容词: great(伟大的) kind(慈祥的)


I am a

He/She is a My father is a

My ____ and _____ are ______s.(职业加S)


Are you a ____? Yes , I am. / No, I am not.

Yes, He/she is. / No, he/she is not. Is he/she a ?


Who is he/she ? He/ she is 。(家庭成员类)。


I want to be a 职业)

He wants to be a .(职业).<单数人称别忘记加s> .....

Unit 2 What do they have on the farm?


【单词】动物园动物: lion tiger elephant panda monkey 1


cat dog rabbit horse cow duck sheep(不加S)----goat hen

介词短语: on the farm in the box/classroom/bedroom


What do you/they have on the farm? I /They have ____ on the farm. What does he/she have on the farm? He/she has on the farm. ......2、否定句: I/ they don’t have any horses. .....

He/she doesn’t have any horses. .......

Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t. 3、一般疑问句: Does he have any balls in his box?

4、There be 句型:There is a/an 。

There are many 复数)

【语法】1、变否定句:在句中找be 、 can.有be 、 can在be 、 can后添not;没有be 、 can,在主语人称后添don’t 或 doesn’t.(I you we they 复数人称添don’t,he she it 单数人称添doesn’t)

2、变一般疑问句:在句中找be 、 can.有be 、 can把be 、 can提前;没有be 、 can,在句子开头添do 或 does,动词变回原形.(I you we they 复数人称添do,he she it 单数人称添does)

3、have / has 用法:I you we they 复数人称用have,he she it 单数人称用has.

Unit3 What’s for breakfast?



食物类: rice

lunch dinner (supper) meat noodles dumplings chicken soup ( 全部不可加S)


【短语】 very much (非常)

at home(在家) very little(很少) welcome (欢迎)


What is for breakfast?

I have for breakfast. I have for breakfast. What do you have for breakfast?

What does he/she have for breakfast? He/she has .. for breakfast.


Do you have for breakfast?

Does he have for breakfast? ....

3、Dinner is ready.(晚餐准备好了。) Yes, I do./No,I don’t. Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.

Unit4 When do you have classes?


【单词】动词短语:一日三餐 have brealfast/ lunch/ dinner/ supper

get up --go to bed

go home --- go to school watch TV early---late have classes (have a class) 反义词:big ---small play games long--- short

介词短语:in the morning / afternoon/ evening

at night(在几点钟也用at) at school at home

【句型】1、问“你什么时候做什么事”用特殊疑问词“when”: When do you play games? I play games at seven o’clock.

When does he play games? He plays games at seven o’clock. ..........

结构形式:When do you 动词短语 ? I动词短语 at 时间 。

2、一般疑问句: Do you play games at school? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. Does she go to bed early? Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.

3、Early to bed and early to rise.(早睡早起身体好)

Unit5 Our school.



【单词】场所类介词短语:at the school gate

in the teachers, office

on the playground

名词:computer desk chair 短语:of course(当然了) in the classroom in the library/toilet/garden


what is in your school/ classroom?

2、There be 句型一般疑问句:

Is there a ? Yes ,there is. / No, there isn’t.

Yes ,there are. / No, there aren’t. There is/are Are there any 复数)

【语法】1、There be 句型be的用法:There be 句型人称在be的后边,be的用法采取就近原则。单数人称用is ,复数人称用are. 如: 2、some和any用法:some和any 都表示一些,some用于肯定句,any用于否定句和一般疑问句。

Unit6 What subjects do they have this morning?



PE Music Art Chinese ME Math English Science

反义词:tall---short big---small long--- short

短语:Let me see.(让我想一想)

【句型】1、问“你有多少门科目?”用特殊疑问词Hw many subjects: How many subjects do you have? I have subjects. How many subjects does he have? He has subjects. ......2、问“你有什么科目?”用特殊疑问词What subjects: 4

What subjects do you have? I have

What subjects does he have? He has ......3、问“你喜欢什么科目?”

What subjects do you like? I like

What subjects does he like? He likes ........4、一般疑问句:Do you like Yes, I do . / No I don’t.

Does he like Yes, he does . / No he doesn’t.

5、“你擅长于它么?”:Are you good at it? Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

Unit7 It’s Tuesday.


【单词】 星期类(Week):Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

短语:draw some pictures(画画) every day (每天)

【句型】1、问“今天星期几?”用特殊疑问词“What day”: What day is it today?

What day is today? It’s 星期) It’s 星期)

I 。 2、问“你做什么?“What do you do?

What does he do? He (加s) 。

【语法】1、介词 in on at 用法:在早晨、在中午、在晚上用in,在夜晚,在几点钟用at ,在星期几用on.

2、一般时态:一般时态构成形式主语人称+动词,动词随人称发生变化,I you we they 复数人称动词用原型(不变),he she it 单数人称动词加s或es.

Unit8 Boy like to play ball.



【单词】 动词短语: play basketball

sing songs

swim draw a picture dance play football jump rope run

短语:after school after class

Wait for me(等我) every morning be late(迟到)

【句型】1、问“你喜欢做什么?”用特殊疑问词What: What do you like to do?

What does he like to do? ....I like to He likes to动词短语 ......2、一般疑问句:“你喜欢做什么吗?”

Do you like to? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t

Does he like to? Yes, he does./ No, He doesn’t

3、Let’s play together.(让我们一起玩。)


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