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PEP小学英语六年级上册unit5测试题 精选 带作文

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笔 试 部 分(60分)


( )1.A.singer B.artist C.computer

( )2.A.hospital B.salesperson C.cleaner

( )3.A.comic book B.TV show C.magazine

( )4.A.plane B.library C.subway

( )5.A.post office B.cinema C.engineer



2. 3.

4. 5.

1. ___________ 2. ______________ 3.____________ 4.TV ____________ 5.______________


( ) 1. Wu Lin usually ______ lunch at school. ( A. have B. having C. has)

( ) 2. My P.E. teacher ______ sports very well. ( A. do B. does C. doing)

( ) 3. I like ______ insects. ( A. watch B. watching C. watches )

( ) 4. ______ are you going to swim? At two. ( A. What B. Where C. When)

( ) 5. ______ is going to play with you? Mary. ( A. What B. Who C. When)

( ) 6. ______ dress is it? It’s Amy’s. ( A. What B. Which C. Whose)

( ) 7. Listen! The girls ____ in the classroom now.( A. sing B. sings C. are singing)

( ) 8. Can you ______? Yes, I can. ( A. swim B. swims C. swimming)

( ) 9. A ______ can help you find the way. ( A. dancer B. doctor C. policeman)

( )10. A ______ works in a bookstore. ( A. writer B. bookseller C. reader)


1.your, what, do, does ,uncle _________________________________________?

2.where,your, mother,does, work ________________________________________?

3.go, work, how, does, mother, to,your ________________________________________?

4.pictures, drawing, Tom, enjoys, ________________________________________.

5.by, my, brother, to, subway, goes,school ________________________________________.


A.How does she go to work? B.This is my mother. C.What does she do? D.He is a worker.

E.Where does he work?

Sarah:Who’s this woman in the picture?

Chen: ________


Chen:She is a TV reporter.


Chen:She goes to work by bus.

Sarah:What does your father do?

Chen: ________


Chen:He works in a car factory.


I’m John. I’m from the USA. There are five people in my family. They’re my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and me. My father is a worker. He works in a car factory. After work he always plays chess with me at home. My brother is an art teacher. He can paint very well and he likes that. My sister is a university student. She can dance nice, so she wants to be a dancer. I’m now studying Chinese at school. My mother is at home. She’s a housewife. She does housework at home. I love my family.

1. What does John do? _______________________________________

2. What’s his father’s hobby? _______________________________________

3. What does his brother teach? _______________________________________

4. What is his sister going to be? _______________________________________

5. What does his mother do at home?_______________________________________







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