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根据短文内容,判断以下句子的正误。对的在括号内填“ T ”, 错的填“ F ”.(10分)

This is my friends. His name is John. He is from USA. He has short hair. He has a black and white bag. He likes playing football. His sister is Lily. She has long hair and she has a red bag. She has blue glasses. She is short. She likes Chinese.

( )1. John has long hair.

( )2. He has a black and white bag..

( )3. His shoes are brown.

( )4. Lily has blue glasses.

( )5. She is tall and thin.


根据短文内容,判断以下句子的正误。对的在括号内填“ T ”, 错的填“ F ”.

Peter: Hi! Dad, look at this picture. This is our classroom.

Dad: Oh, it’s so big.

Peter: Many people are cleaning the classroom. Amy is cleaning the 1

windows. Mike is cleaning the blackboard, and Chen Fang is sweeping the floor.

Dad: good boys and girls.

Peter: Look! Dad, I have a new friend.

Dad: A Chinese friend?

Peter: Yes.

Dad: boy or girl?

Peter: My friend is a boy. He has short black hair and big eyes. He is

tall and strong.

Dad:What’s his name、

Peter:His name is Zhong Chong.

( )1. Our classroom is small.

( )2. Amy is cleaning the windows and the blackboard.

( )3. Peter has a new friend.

( )4. Peter’s friend is American.

( )5. Zhou Chong is a boy. He is short black hair and big eyes.



This is my living room. I have many books. They are on the sofa.My pencil box is on the table. There are some pens, pencils, a ruler and an eraser in it. Where is my schoolbag? Oh, it’s under the table. It’s 2

green. The phone is near the bed. And my glasses are on the table too. What colour are my glasses? They are blue. Where are my keys? Can you help me?

( )1.Where are the books?

A.Under the sofa. B.On the sofa C.On the table ( )2.My pencil box is _____?

A.on the table B.under the table C.on the sofa ( )3.What colour is my schoolbag?

A.It’s blue B.It’s red C.It’s green ( )4.My glasses are _____ the table.

A.in B.on C.under ( )5.My glasses are ____.

A.green B.yellow C.blue



My name is Zhang Rong. I have a new friend. His name is Li Bing. There are three people in his family. His mum is an English teacher. She is tall and thin. His dad is a Chinese teacher. He is tall and strong. Look, This is my new schoolbag. It’s green and pink. I have many books in my 3

schoolbag. Twenty storybooks, thirty sharpeners, forty erasers, fifty rulers. Oh! My schoolbag is too heavy.

1. What’s my friend’s name?

2. How many people are my friend’s family?


3. Is his dad an English teacher?


4. What colour is my schoolbag?


5. How many storybooks in my schoolbag?

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