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一.哈佛美语LEVEL 1

boy girl name teacher book eraser pen pencil chair classroom desk school bag computer pencil case whiteboard dad daddy love mom mommy night family father mother spell baby brother me sister grandmother grandfather grandparents parents big little short tall fat happy sad thin handsome old pretty young bad good hungry thirsty dance jump run walk ant bee flower tree cloud moon sky sun balloon kite slide swing lion monkey panda tiger bird fish pet puppy airplane car ship train building city hospital store toy boat toy car toy truck toy plane ball(s) doll(s) kite(s) yo-yo board game bad TV video game blocks cards puzzle skates grape mango pineapple watermelon bread eggs noodles rice carrot cucumber potato tomato juice milk tea water bathroom bedroom dining room house kitchen living room cook eat sleep take a bath wash dishes watch TV bed fridge mirror sink stove table eyes ears hair head mouth nose arm finger foot/feet hand knee leg ankle elbow shoulder thumb toe tooth / teeth excited great happy sad sleepy terrible cry frown laugh play smile eat drink bus driver doctor engineer nurse shopkeeper teacher baker farmer firefighter office worker police officer postman bakery fire station hospital office police station post office actor actress

artist dancer scientist singer

二.哈佛美语LEVEL 2

crayon eraser marker paper pencil case pencil sharpener black gold pink purple silver white bowl chopsticks cup fork plate spoon behind dinner in front of next to under grandfather grandmother old uncle who young draw jump play read write run swim dancing mopping the floor swimming, having a picnic, looking at, planting flowers, cooking, eating, sleeping, studying, using the computer, do morning exercises, garden, jumping rope, plant trees, playground, swimming pool , at home, club, do yoga, karate, play cards, play the violin dress pants shirt shorts socks sports shoes coat jacket school uniform skirt sweater t-shirt cloudy rainy snowy sunny weather windy boots blouse gloves jeans raincoat scarf Friday Monday Saturday Sunday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday fall season spring summer winter April December February January March May August July June November October September clock long hand number o'clock short hand time a quarter past eight a quarter to twelve art half past seven lunch nine o'clock eat breakfast eat dinner go home go to sleep wake up six thirty canteen cartoons news noon stay up late take the bus backpack glue puppet ruler scissors story book bicycle bucket scooter shovel skateboard

soccer ball cake chips cupcakes french fries ice cream pizza chicken cow farm goat horse pig sheep classmate clever fat meet small very angry funny hungry sick thirsty yell coconut handkerchief hard rough smooth soft desert forest jungle lake mountain river corn farmer goose/geese hay hen rice rooster crab crawl eel fish go fishing turtle alligator crocodile frog lizard scary snake beetle butterfly dragonfly grasshopper insect ladybug bear fox owl rabbit squirrel wolf dolphin octopus ray seal shark whale bush chimpanzee gorilla leopard panther wild

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