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Rain,Rain,Go Away

Rain,rain,go away.

Come again some other day. Little Johnny wants to play. Rain,rain,go away.

Rain,rain,go away.

Come again some other day. Little Johnny wants to play. Rain,rain,go away.










This Is the Way

This is the way we wash our face, Wash our face, wash our face. This is the way we wash our face, So early in the morning.

This is the way we comb our hair, Comb our hair, comb our hair. This is the way we comb our hair, So early in the morning.

This is the way we brush our teeth, Brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth, So early in the morning.

This is the way we put on our clothes,

Put on our clothes, put on our clothes. This is the way we put on our clothes, So early in the morning.


















Let's Read

I am swimming in the river.

Father is taking a pictures.

Mother is doing dishes.

Grandma is sleeping.

Father is reading a news paper.

I am doing homework.

am going to play a ball, I am going to eat them all. I am going to turn on the light, I am going to have a try! They are going to made a card, They are going to sit on the car. I am going to the school, I going to be cool!

the monkey is clever than the buffler.

the elephant is fater than the tiger.

the bird is flying hige than the river.

the dog is eating, eating the butter.

Oh it is so sweet!

The Star The star on the sky, looks like my mother’s eye. When my mark is not high, she says next time you may try. When I get a high mark, she says you are so smart. I love the star, and my mother’s heart

A blue sky.

The birds can fly.

They are in the sky.

The are scared of high.

But they can try.

So they can fly.

The people can't fly.


Because they aren't live in the sky.

The birds try to fly.

When it's night.

They don't fly.


They shall sleep for nest day to fly.


Love Father And Mother

Post By:2005-6-7 20:14:51

I love Mother And Father

I love mother and father ,

I am their great lover.

I love her ,

Who is her ?

She is my mother,

I will always love her.

I love my father ,

He don't forget mother.

And he don't forget me for ever.

I love mother and father,

I will give some thing for them ,

And love them for ever.

At last ,I want to say :

"father and mother ,

I am your great lover."[此贴子已经被作者于2005-6-7 20:16:18编辑过]

Bees and the Bear

There are many bees over there.


They are in the flower.

Making honey are what they doing.

A fresh air with faragrant air are here.

It's funny to see the bear.

There are over there.

The bear are fighting with the bees are over there.

The bees are biting the bear.

What a funny bear!

There is a big blue sky.

A sky can let the bird to fly.

The bird like to fly in the sky.

When the people get on the plan,

Sometimes the people afraid to fly high in the sky. We shill have a light in the night.


Because we shill do homework in the night.

Boys and girl, do you want to fly high in the sky?

I like the sky, I like the sky.so I go in to the sky. so I go in to the sky.

but l can't fly, l can't fly!

l see a shope are in the sky,in the sky.

if l can fly,l can fly.

l would like it fly in the july, in the july.

The Rhyme

Tom is taking a picture, a picture of

his teacher.

His teacher is beautiful, she's

English is wonderful.

She is swimming but not swinging.

She is crying but not fighting.

She is writing but not drawing.

She is singing but not dancing.

Do you like this picture of his teacher?[此贴子


the water is blue,the water is white.

the water can fly in the sky.

because it become air, fly fly fly.

the bird drink some water then fly very high.

If we have no water, then we have no light.

we have no water then we have no electricity,no electricity then no light!

when we drink water our eye should be bright!(don't waste water

A bird is singing,

sing to the king.

The king is happy he give the bird things,

the bird is laughing so it flys away.

The bird fly to a tree and the other want to eat its things, it says,"No way."

The rabbit is running.

The kangaroo is jumping.

The hippo is swimming.

The giraffe is eating.

The Zoo is never boring.

Let's chant

The fish is sweet ,is good for us to eat.

The birrey is tasty,the meat is saty.

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