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一. 根据汉意补全单词。(10)

1、m_ ll_ on ( 百万个 ) 2、 rest_ _ rant ( 饭馆 ) 3、st_ _ p (邮票 ) 4、 l_ _ tern ( 灯笼 ) 5、a_ _ ress( 地址 ) 6、 f_ _ k( 叉子) 7、bel_ _ ve( 相信 ) 8、 b_ _ boo( 竹子 ) 9、cl_ _ n ( 清理 ) 10、 一直、总是) 二. 按要求填空。(10)

1.hobby(复数)_________ 2.copy(单三形式)_______ 3.knife(复数)________ 4.have(单三形式)______ 5.I(宾格)____ 6.Chinese(名词)______ 7.swim(现在分词)_______ 8.can not(缩略形式)_____ 9.picture(近义词)______ 10.bus(复数)_______ 三、 选择题。(30)

( )1.It’the Huangshan Mountain.

A.a picture B.a picture of C.a picture for ( )2.There ____an apple and a banana on the table. A.is B.are C.has ( )3.Do you have ____Chinese? A.some B.any C.a ( )4.This letter is ____America. A.for B.from C.with ( )5._______a big map of China! A.What B.How C.How nice ( )6.New York is in the ______of America. A .south B.north C.east

( )7.She _____got lots of Mexican picture. A.is B.has C.have ( is my hobby.

A.Swim B. Swam C. Swimming ( )9.There aren’t any birds ______the tree. A.on B.in C.at

( )10.What do you do _____Thanksgiving?

A.in B.on C.about ( A. China B. Chinese C. America ( )12.That is ______dress. A.me B.he C.my ( your room?

A. clean often B. often clean C. often cleans ( A.to B.for C.with

( is the snake coming out of the bag ?

A.Where B. Why C.What 四.选词填空(5)

. and. but or

1. Tom was not there _______his brother was. 2. I’ve got a postcard ______it’s from my penfriend. 3. I want to go swimming _____I’ve got a cold. 4. Have you got a knife ____fork ____ chopsticks? 五、用所给词适当形式填空(5) 1、(stop)along time ago. 2、(do) his homework? 3、The cat is 4、(write) to me. 5、 (want) to go to swim? 五.根据问句找答语。(10)

( )1.Can I write to you? A.Reading books . ( )2.What do you do on Flag Day ? B.Blue. ( )3.What’s your favourite colour? C.Yes, of course. ( )4.Which one is the biggest? D.We carry flags. ( )5.What do you like doing ? E.The blue one . 六.句型转换。(10)

1.Sam likes go swimming in summer.(改成一般疑问句) _______Sam _____ go swimming in summer? 2.I’m 对划线部分提问) _____are _____doing?

3.I’ve got some chopsticks.(改成否定句)

I______got _____chopsticks.

4. These are orange buses. (改成单数)

This is _____orange _____.

5. Do you often clean your room ?(改成陈述句)

____often clean _______room.

七. 阅读下列短文,判断正(T)误(F)。 (10)

Dear Laura,

I’m happy to receive (收到)your letter. Daming has told me about you on the phone( 电话). Daming is my good friend. And he used to teach me Chinese. I have lived in China for two years . I often miss English tea. I also miss my English friends .


( )1. Te letteri s from Daming.

( )2. Amy received this letter.

( )3. Laura wrote the letter.

( )4. Amy has lived in China one years.

( )5. Daming used to teach Amy Chinese.

八. 作文。 (10)

请以“My Hobby”为题写一篇小短文, 50个词左右, 要求叙述


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