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一、 填入所缺的字母,并写出其汉语意思。(10分)

1、s_p_ _m_rk_t _________

2、_ _t_r_st_ng ________

3、d_ff_c_ _t ________

4、S_pt_mb_ _ _________

5、n_n_t_ _n _________


( )1、A plane B train C toy D bike

( )2、A orange B pear C sweet D banana

( )3、A make B stone C ride D love

( )4、A running B taking C jumping D sing

( )5、A April B Monday C Friday D Thursday


1、Lingling is _____(ride) a bike.

2、Can you have _____(any) fish ? Yea, please.

3、Amy is ______ (go) to go to the station.

4、There are five birthday _______(party) in March.

5、Jim is jumping and Daming is ______ (run) the 100 metres.


( )1、Here’s your present.


A Here you are. B OK. C Thank you.

( )2、______ are you going ? London.

A Where B What C When

( )3、I’m going to go to Hainan _____ plane.

A on B by C in

( )4、I’m _____ China. But I live in an ______ city now.

A from, England B in, English C from, English

( )5、 Can you write a letter in English ? No, _____.

A I can B I can’t C he can’t

( )6、We are going to ____ up ____ six o’clock.

A get, at B getting, at C get, on

( )7、A:What are you going to do next week ?

B:I’m going to __________.

A At home B Visiting my friends C Swim in the sea

( )8、Twenty and fifteen is ________.

A Twenty-five B Thirty-five C Forty-five

( )9、A:_____ ! Where is the park, please ?

B:Turn left.

A Excuse me B Sorry C Thank you

( )10、____ is my brother. He’s playing ____ a toy train.

A This, / B She, with C This, with


( )1、What are they doing ? A Yes, I can.

( )2、Have you got chopsticks in England ? B No, thank you. ( )3、Where is the school ? C Playing the guitar. ( )4、Can you jump far? D Near the Noodle Shop

( )5、Do you want some apples ? E No, we haven’t.


1. I’m writing a letter.(改为一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)

2. Mum, doing ,you, what ,are(连词成句)

3. Sam is going to visit the tigers tomorrow.(改为否定句)

4. Amy is playing table tennis.(改为一般疑问句,并做出否定回答)

5.My mother can make noodles.(改为一般疑问句,并做出肯定回答)

6.I can jump high.(改为否定句)


8.There is one birthday in May.(对划线部分提问)

9.Lingling and Daming are going to for Sports Day.(对划线部分提问) ?

10.you got chopsticks England in have (连词成句)


There’s a zoo in our city.There are a lot of animals in the zoo.The elephant is very big.We all like to see it because it’s very cute.The tiger is from the Mountain Changbai of China.It walks around in a room.The lion’s room is next to the tiger’s.The panda in the zoo is a little shy.It’s interesting.It’s eating bamboos(竹子).The giraffe is very fun.We all like animals because they’re our friends.Some boys and girls,men and women often come to the zoo and see them.

( )1.There are four animals in the zoo. ( )2.The lion and the tiger are in the same room.

( )3.The tiger is from China. ( )4.The giraffe is a little shy.

( )5.The elephant is very cute.

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