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一、选出不同类的单词。(请将选项写在括号内)(10分) ( )1. A. book B. cinema C. magazine D. dictionary ( )2. A. yellow B. green C. colour D. blue ( )3. A. England B. Chinese C. China D.US ( )4. A. his B. he C. she D. it ( )5. A. east B. right C. north D. south ( )6. A、rainy B、cool C、hot D、weather ( )7. A、buy B、send C、name D、have

( )8. A. classroom B. bathroom C. living room D. bedroom ( )9. A. open B. look C. sit D. nice ( )10.A、favourite B、do C、big D、hot 二.英汉互译(20分)

1.去公园_________ 2. swim in the water______________ 3.醒来_____________ 4.three colas_________

5.用餐愉快。____________ 6.在湖周围散步__________________ 7.play chess__________ 8.go to bed_____________ 9.this afternoon_____________10.send some photos____________ 11. 生日卡片______________ 12. 捡起苹果__________________ 13.举行一生日聚会_________ 14.飞走,飘走___________

15.What a mess!______________16.walk to the blackboard_____________ 17.look out of the window__________18.进来_________________ 19.play the trumpet_________20.sing very loudly_____________ 三、词形转换(10分)

1.family(复数)___________ 2.eat(现在分词)____________ 3.sun(形容词)___________ 4.rain(现在分词)___________ 5.get(现在分词)_________ 6.photo(复数)_____________ 7.stop(单三式)__________ 8.wave(现在分词)_____________ 9.she(宾格)_____________ 10.hear(同音词)________________ 四、单项选择。(20分)

( )1.What do you want? I want two_______. A. hamburger B. cola C. hot dogs

( )2.——____colas do you want? ——Four colas, please.

A. How many B. How much C. How

( )3.——____are you going to go to school?

——At half past seven.

A. When B. What C. Where ( )4.——____is it? ——It’s five am. A. What B. When C. What time ( )5.I’m looking _______ of the window. A. for B. at C. out ( )6.It is going to _______tomorrow. A. be sunny B. hot C. warm ( )7.——Who can help me?

——Sorry , I ___ carry the bag.

A. can’t B. can C. don’t ( )8.I’m making _______birthday card. A. Daming B. Daming’s C. Damings ( )9.Look! Lucy is _______a new bike today. A. jumping B. running C. riding ( )10. Listen!The boys _______ singing. A. is B. am C. are ( )11.We ____going to fly kites.

A is B am C are

( )12. Ana wants ______ in the classroom.

A. dancing B. dance C. to dance

( )13. She will___ basketball tomorrow.

A play B playing C plays

( ) 14.I’ll have a class___ Monday.

A on B in C under

( ) 15. It _____good.

A.look B.looking C.looks

( )16. I must do homework now.


A、I B、my C、me

( )17.-----Here you are. -----__________

A.You are welcome. B.Thank you C.Ok

( )18. I ____ a dress. Sam ____ a pair of sport shoes. A. wants, want B. want, wants C. wants, wants ( )19.Mum, can you buy a doll____ me?

A. at B. in C.for

( )20、What are we going to do ?

A.We are going to have lunch. B.We are playing football. C.We are going to the park.


1.He’s r_______ his bike, but it’s starting to rain. 2.He’s t__________ to his friend on the phone. 3.Who can h_____ the girl?

4.Look!He is reading a n____________ now. 5.Pigs are s___________ under the tree. 6. The ducks are very n__________. 7.I want a h____________(汉堡).

8.The b__________(气球) are very beautiful. 9.We do e___________ (体操) every day. 10.Children are j____________ in the water. 六、情景匹配。(10分)

从II 栏中选出与I 栏中相对应的答语,把选项填入提前括号中 ( )1.What‘s the weather like in summer? A. No,I can’t. ( )2.What are you going to do tomorrow? B. They are girls. ( )3.Are you a student? C.I don‘t know. ( )4.Where’s Lucy‘s bike? D. She is my friend. ( )5.Are they American or English? E. It’s a map of China.( )6.How old is your uncle? F. They are American. ( )7.Are the twins boys or girls? G. Yes,I am.

( )8.Who is Kate? H. It’s under the tree. ( )9.What’s that on the wall? I. It’s usually very hot. ( )10.Can you see the car on the hill? J. I’m going to watch TV. 八 、连词成句。(5分)

1. all I carry can’t them(.)


2.are to picnic going we have park in a the(.) ___________________________________________ 3.falling stairs the are down apples the(.) ______________________________________________ __ 4.snow in it going is Harbin to(.) _____________________________________________ 5.carry bag this heavy will Daming(.) _________________________________ 九、、阅读理解。(10分)

It is on Sunday morning. The sun is shining. We have no classes. We are playing in the park. Some girls are singing and dancing under a big tree. Some boys are climbing the hill. Tom is drawing by the lake. Mike and John are swimming in the lake. Where are Betty and Mary? They are sitting under a small tree. They are reading a picture book. We are very happy.

( )1.What’s the weather like today?

A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s fine. C. It’s raining. ( )2.Where are they playing?

A. In the park. B. On the hill. C. In the lake. ( )3.Who is climbing the hill?

A. Some girls. B. Some boys. C. Some teachers.

( )4.Where are Betty and Mary?

A. They are on the tree. B. They are under the tree.

C. They are in the lake.

( )5.What are Betty and Mary doing? A. They are reading a picture book.

B. They are dancing. C. They are playing.


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