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五年级英语My father is a teacher课件1

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Primary English Book7 Unit3

Father and mother

Mm Mother! Mother! Come up to me. Have some milk. Have some meat.


My name is … I’m from … I’m a\ an … I’m in Class … Grade …


Hello! My name is Tom. I’m ten. I’m from Australia. I’m a new student. I’m in Class Two, Grade Five. Here’s a picture of my family. This is my father. He’s a teacher. This is my mother. She’s a tailor. The girl on the left is my sister. Her name is Mary. She’s nine. She’s a student in Class One. Grade Three. Who’s the boy on the right? Is it me? No. It’s my brother. The boy in the middle is ME! We look like each other. We’re twin brothers! We love our father and mother. And they love us. We are a happy family.


taxi driver

writer actress actor This is my father. This is my mother. He’s a teacher. She’s a tailor.


1. This is my mother 2.This is my uncle

She’s a writer. She’s a tailor.

3.This is my aunt
4.This is my father 5.This is my grandma

He’s an actor.
He’s a taxi driver. She’s a singer.


Boy: Wow! You have a big family.

This is my father Girl: Yes. Look!__________________.
He’s a teacher.This is my mother ___________________. She’s adoctor ______________. Boy: Who’s this girl? She loods shy. Girl: She’s my ______._________________ sister She likes singing And_______________________. this is my brother Boy: He is cute. __________________? How old is he

He likes drawing Girl: He is five. __________________.


Name: Li Lianjie Age: 37 Country: China Job: Actor

This is Li Lianjie. He is 37. He’s from China. He’s an actor. He likes…

Name: __________ Age: ____________ Country: ________ Job: ____________

Name: ________ Age: __________ Country: ______ Job: __________


A postman A student A nurse A shop assistant An artist A farmer A driver A businessman A teacher A doctor A player A writer

helps children to learn writes books drives a bus or car plays games send letters for people studies at school helps sick people helps doctors work in a hospital sells things in a shop does art works works on a farm does business to make money


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