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Unit6 In a nature park
Part B Let's learn Pair work

蒲窝中小 魏荣华

Let's have a revision
天空 mountain 河流


(lake) 湖 ( 森林) forest ( path) 小路 Nature park (自然公园)


nature park.

Today we’ll go and see ….

学习目标: 1.能够听、说、读、写单词:village, city, bridge, house, road, building, tree. 2.能够运用句型 :There are …in the city village.描述城市、乡村的景物。 3.培养热爱大自然的美好情感,增强环境保护 意识。 学习重难点: 1.重点:掌握七个有关城市与乡村的单词,如: building, bridge, tree, road, house, city, village。 2.难点:名词复数的运用和读音。

This is a city.

There are tall buildings in the city.

There are some roads in the city.

This is a village.

There are small

in the village.

There are some bridges in the village.

Are there any trees in your village?

Yes, there are.

Are there any tall buildings in the village?


No, there

Are there any cars in the city?

Yes, there are.

巩固练习: 根据汉语填空 village I like my_______(村庄). There are many lakes and_______(小河) in the village. rivers There are many______(小路).There aren’t paths buildings There are any tall__________(高楼).But__________ (有)some small houses. sky The air is fresh. The______(天空)is blue. are The clouds______white. I can run on the grass _________(草地)

sky cars roads


来比较一下 city and village!

mountains path trees bridge houses buses buildings

?巩固与拓展 活动:正反方辩论会。

男方代表反方——喜欢乡村 例如:I like city, There are many cars in the city…

Summary(略) Homework:
? Finish the workbook ( Part B ) ? Write a short passage ( My village)

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