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1. To our delight, that region has shaken off poverty and is (well) on the way to well-off society.

2. Over the past ten years, with joint efforts the graduate education has fared well in our country.

3. The growth rate of the economy in that country shot up to an unbelievable level.

4. Activities such as summer camp is out of reach for the children in poverty-stricken regions.

5. She was less the product of the environment than of her family.


1. There was also general concern about the health of the civilian population and the lack of access to medical treatment for special groups.

2. Globalization has been a mixed blessing for human rights around the world, undermining the economic power of national governments but strengthening a sense of world community.

3. The mayor sent me an invitation in response to my request for an interview.

4. As for “Have you eaten?”, this sounds like an invitation to dine! How many na?ve Chinese have asked American friends “Have you eaten?” and ended up having to buy them a meal!

5. There is the possibility that they would stick it to you when they see that you are foreigners. Unit3

1. The chairman of the committee is expected to be back next Thursday.

2. In the case of James, the manager decided to promote him to the next grade.

3. The candidate's speech represented the mainstream thinking on economic policy.

4. For God’s sake, I didn't expect to see you here.

5. What is at stake here is not whether the US goes alone or not, but whether the international community is prepared to take necessary action.


1. If the Americans are not the most well-dressed people in the world, they are the most comfortably dressed.

2. America is the noisiest country that ever existed.

3. The line of strength and the line of beauty are one.

4. They will have nothing about them that is not beautiful.

5. Every American girl is entitled to have twelve young men devoted to her. Unit8

1. The soldiers got along with the local people with perfect harmony.

2. If one always feeds on fancies, he will lose the confidence in himself.

3. They learn the new technologies with great eagerness.

4. He was blamed to offend public decency.

5. Their country will be on the verge of destruction once the war breaks out.

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