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1, 口语作业:听音模仿37页的第一部分

听录音39页的第5 部分,模仿语流语调



1) Shop assistant : May I help you ,Madam ?

Mrs.White: Yes.I’m looking for a __________ for my son . How much is

the _____ one ?

Shop assistant: _____ yuan.

Mrs.White: Oh, I see. Do you have anything else less expensive?

Shop assistant: Here’s a nice one for ____yuan .We sell a lot of these.

Mrs.White: Yes, it’s nice. I think I’ll ________it.

Shop assistant : Will there _____anything else?

Mrs.White: No, that’s all today , thank you .

3, 阅读作业

Part 1 Read and anwer . Do not write more than four words .

Last summmer George and Harry were staying at their grandparents’ house by the sea . One sunny morning Grandmother made a picnic and took the boys to the beach . After lunch she lay down and read a book . The boys played with a football and then made a sandcastle .

1 When did George and Harry visit their grandparents?_____________________ 2 Who made lunch ?_______________

3 What did the boys do first in the afternoon ?_________________

Harry was fetching some water when he suddenly saw a cave at the end of the beach . The boys quickly ran to the cave and looked in . but they couldn’t see anything because it was dark . Harry said , It looks very big . Let us climb over the rocks and go inside .

4 What was Harry doing when he saw the cave ?_______________

5 Why couldn’t they see inside the cave ?________________

The boys climbed into the cave and played there for a long time . Suddenly George said . I and hear the sea . The sea was coming into the cave and the boys were afraid . But then Harry felt something wet on his hand . It was a dog’s nosel George put his belt over the dog’s head and then the boys followed the dog over the rocks and out of the cave another way . Their grandmother was very happy and she gave the dog two chocolate biscuits .

6 How did the boys feel when they heard the sea ?______________

7 What did they use to catch the dog ?_______________

8 What did the dog get to eat ? _______________

Part 2 Read the text and choose the best answer.

Tom : Hello ,Helen .Oh, I am hungry .

Helen : Are you Tom ? I am not hungry . I had a big breakfast .

1 Tom: What is your favourite food Helen ?

Helen: A It is cheese . B It is television. C They are eggs .

2 Tom: Who is cooking you lunch ?


A It is mine, I think . B My sister , I think . C We are having soup , I think . 3 Tom: Do you like cooking ?

Helen: A Yes, I have . B It is very well . C Sometimes .

4 Tom: When did you start cooking ?

Helen: A When I was five . B Tomorrow . C In the kitchen . 5 Tom : Have you ever made a cake ?

Helen : A Yes , that is right . B Yes, thank you . C No, I haven’t . 6 Tom: What time do you have lunch?

Helen : A Half an hour B At midday C At midnight .

Tom: Well, I must go now bye .

Helen: Bye , Have a nice lunch.

4,基础作业 一、Write the numbers .




10.)720__________________ 2.)57___________________3.)13____________________ 5.)45____________________6.)540__________________ 8.)325________________ 9.)213___________________


教师评语:________________________________________________ 家长签字:_______________

三级下U7 小测(1)


1, Mary is No,_______(5号).

She is ________________(第一)in our class.

2,Tom is No.10 .his result is ___________ (第九)


One _________ five _________

nine____________ thirteen_________

twenty___________ twenty—one______________

one hundred_____________


The first __________ the third__________

the fifth_______ the second__________

The thirty—sixth__________ the ninty—ninth___________

Part 1 连词成句

1.Son , my , looking , I for , a , am , sweater , for


2 expensive , less , do , have , anything , you,


3 anything , else , will , there ,be , ________________________________? 三级下U6作业单(2)

一 口语作业: 1 模仿背诵: 32页第3部分(学生必须按照磁带内的语音语调来说) 请家长听写Unit 4-6单元的单词。

二 听力作业: 1 每天早晨或睡前听录音15分钟.

三 阅读作业: 阶梯阅读第五单元,完成习题,并将生词抄在词汇积累本上,标注音标和汉意. Mrs Read has two little girls They are twin sisters.The little girls are only six years old.they look the same .They often wear the same clothes.Other people often say Mrs .Read is lucky,because the little girls aare very beautiful.

The two girls have a white cat. The cat looks very nice. It likes to play with the twin sisters, and the girls like to play with it, too. They call it MiMi.

Mrs,Read loves he daughters very much.She often buys some good food for them .The girls love their mother very much ,too.They are very happy.

Choose the right answers.

1, Mrs,Read has _______________


2, The twin sisters are _________________ the same clothes .

A,in B,on C,of D,with

3, The two ___________ cat is very nice. A sisters B sister’s C sisters’ D sister 4, The _____________ of the cat is MiMi. A house B name C room D doll 5, Mrs.Read loves her twin _______________________.

A sisters B brother C sons D daughters

6 What’s your favourite food ,Helen? A,It’s cheese B,It’s television C, They ‘re eggs. 7, Who’s cooking your lunch?

A, It’s mine, I think B, My sister , I think. C, We’re having soup, I think. A, twin B, a twin C, twins D, a twin

8 Do you like cooking ? A,Yes ,I have B, It’s very well C, Sometimes 9, When did you start cooking? A, When I was five B, In the kitchen C tomorrow

10 H ave you ever made a cake ? A yes ,that’s right B, Yes , thank you C, No, I


11 What time do you have lunch? A, Today B, At six o’clock C, Last


四.基础知识: 填空

1 , _____________ I help you ? 2 , I want ________ post this letter by airmail. 3 , _______ __________ does it cost?

4 , ____________ do you want to go ? I ________ ________ go to the park ? 5 __________ do you want to do ? I want to buy some food .

7 What do you _______ to do ? I want to go ______________ (钓鱼) . 8 __________ do you want to go ? I want to go __________(游泳). 9 Where do you want to go ? I want to go _____________ (野营). 五写出下列词的汉意。

七 预习第6单元课文翻译, 习题完成.



三级下 U6 测试(2)

Part One. Fill in the blanks.

1. Where ________ you been?

2. How long ________ he _________ a teacher?

3. How long ________ you ________ a doctor?

4. She ________ been a shop assistant _________ 2 years.

5. I ________ _________ to the beach since July.

6. Where ________ she want _______ go?

She _________ _________ go to the shop.

7. What _______ they want _______ do?

They _________ __________ _________ swimming.

8. Wang Xing _________ (want) _______ go fishing.

9. Where do you want to _______? I want ______ _______ Dalian.

10. What do you want to _____ I want _____ _____ _______. (go swimming)

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