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American Gothic

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Five famous symbols of American culture

Statue of Liberty

Barbi e

The Buffalo Nickel

Uncle Sam

American Gothic

A famous symbols of American culture

American Gothic 《美国哥特人》

About Author
American Gothic
《美国哥特人》 American Gothic is a paiting by Grant Wood(格兰 特·伍德),in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago(芝加哥艺 术学院).

American Gothic's author

Grant Wood was the author of above paiting called American Gothic.Wood was born in Anamosa(安纳摩萨),Iowa(爱荷华州).He was in Minneapolis(明尼阿波利斯) to learn arts and crafts,by doing odd jobs to feed themselves.1919-24 years after ,he taught Julian in Paris.1934,he became a professor in the Department of Fine Arts,until his death.

?1920 to 1928, he traveled to Europe, Under the impact of Ike Fan Yang, He defined the personal creative style.
?1930,he complete his most famous painting -American Gothic ?Then Grant Wood taught painting in Iowa art college . And he help hometown artists spent Great Depression.
Grant Wood

?February 12, 1942, Grant Wood died due to liver cancer at the university hospital.

The Carpenter Gothic style house in Eldon, Iowa depicted in American Gothic.

Man's eyes straight

forward heads-up,lips closed ,yellow thin face expression is very serious ,bridge of the nose on meticulosity wear,round glasses.he dipped into the hands of the mud with a fork,it represents in agriculture dominated ,farmers industrious cultivation of the spirit ,is also a symbol of in the 19th century in the patriarchal society(父权社会), there is no doutb that the male authority and power.From the composition point of view ,the fork and characters oval (椭圆形) face and characters of gothic window behind the line of photograph echo.

Standing at his side Woman a pair of typical Victorian(维多利亚 时代的) women dress up,from the hair to dress,and even to the expression let person couplet remember Jane Eyre(简?爱).With a man ,a woman's expression and unsimiling,because the women with rigorous,reserved, hard-working, self-government for virtue.She stood in a man behind him,the eyes to man,a little "and he is listening to" meaning.

Painting Explanation
The painting shows a serious -looking man and a woman standing in front of a farmhouse. For the grave(严肃的) farmer Wood used his dentist ,a sour-looking man.For the woman standing alongside him ,the artist chose his sister Nan.

American symbol





?It was first exhibited in 1930 at the Art Institute of Chicago, where it is still located.

?It was given a $300 prize and made news stories country-wide, bringing Wood immediate recognition.

?it has been borrowed and satirized endlessly for advertisements and cartoons.

Reflect the solemn pride in both the United States on behalf of farmers in agriculture-dominated era

Farmers cultivate the spirit of hard work

The patriarchal society in t

he 19th century, the unquestionable authority and power of men.

Grant Wood’s other works

Many artists have replaced the two people with other known people and replaced the house with well known houses.

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