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一、用动词be的适当形式填空 EX: The book is interesting.

(11). Someone here. (14). The boy’brother’s friend.


won’t catch the pane.


1. He ______a good time at your party.

2. Alice _______one sister.

3. I _______one brother.

4. No one __________the correct time.

5. Our class __________a picnic.

6. This book __________no poems in it.

7. These books ______good stories.

8. I __________ a new bicycle.

9. George __________ a new sweater.

10. You ___________ two phone calls.

11. The carpet ____holes in it.

12. I want to ___________ a talk with you.

13. My cousins ________tickets for the game.

14. Every one _________a piece of cake.

15. I ___________a camera.

16. My bedroom ___________ two windows.

17. I’m afraid I __________a fever.

18. This morning all the retired teachers __________a party to celebrate Teachers’ Day.

19. He ___________lots of good friends.

20. I ____________ an aunt and an uncle.

21. Do you ____________much money?

22. They___________ a new car.

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