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My Ideal Job

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My Ideal Job

Translation 2 No.22 杨嘉飞

Nowadays, it is difficult for university students to find an ideal job, but this does not preclude them from having the right to dream. There are different opinions among university students about the most importance of choosing a job. Some of them hold the view that freedom is the most significant to make a choice about job. They base their argument on the ground that people should work to live not live to work. Therefore, freedom is happy to life in all. However, those opposinng it aruge that high-pay can provide the better conditions for life as well as spirits. In fact, everyone could have their own ways to achieve their dream, and as to me, my ideal job is to become a translator.

What is translators? Basically, all the communicators are translators such as receivers, however, the role of translator is different from the “normal” communicator. Translators convert one language into another. This service allows concepts and ideas to be exchanged between languages and cultures. The translator has been defined as a “bilingual mediating agent between monolingual communication participants in two different language communities.” Today, translators are employed all over the world, helping people to communicate. What’s more, many translators work freelance or part time for commercial translation agencies. When they are neeeded, they work on special projects that are


suited to their talents and areas of knowledge. Some work for import-export firms, which are usually located in port cities.

Personally, I have been dreaming of being a translator for a long time.Firstly, I major in business English translation in university, which is useful to my ideal job. What’s more, the need for people in this field is greatest in large urban areas,although translating is a small and very competitive field. Therefore, this occupation has a good employment prospect. Additionally, translators usually work in libraries or quite offices,often surrounded by dictionaries and other reference materials. I enjoy working in such a quiet environment. And many translators are freelancers, they have no job security. They may have no work for weeks or months at a time. Most of them take other jobs where they can use their knowledge of languages to supplement their income. Consequently, translator is a job, which is free and has high-pay. The most important thing is the salary. It’s hard to include salary information for translators because the range of salaries is so wide. It is depends on language, subject matter, skill, experience, education, and type of employer. However, no matter how hard it is , I will try my best to achieve it and I do believe that I could be a successful translator.

Many effective measures can be adopted to become a successful translator. First and the most important, I should continue to gain the more-higher degree of English translation and enlarge the knowledge of


my major as well as the foreign culture. Besides, it is suggested that in order to perform this job successfully,translators should be familiar with the source language, the target language and subject matter. Based on this premise, I think I should have an excellent, up-to-date knowledge of my source languages, full facility in the handling of my target language. What’s more, the most successful translators are those who specialize in one specific field ,such as medicine, business, or law. So it would be helpful for me to have a degree or some professional background in my area of specialization. Finally, it is desirable that a translator should have the flexibility of mind to enable him to translate rapidly from one source language to another ,as well as from one subject-matter to another. Therefore, it is my task to learn this skill well and I also should improve my writing skill.

In the end, whether translation is a means of livelihood, an art, a profession or a business, all in all, we cannot ignore the contribution of translation to intercultural communication at present.And that is the reason why my ideal job is to be a translator. Although it is hard to become a successful translator, I make my decision to achieve my dream and I believe I will be successful sooner or later.


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