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Module 2 Unit 1

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Module 2 Education
Unit 1 It was great to see her again.

Vocabulary and listening
Let’s talk about our school.

1.What buildings or special rooms does it have? 2. What subjects do you study?

Activity2 Listen and complete the sentences. Use the words and expressions to help you.

exam geography grade gym maths PE relax swimming pool term

1. Betty is going to _________________ the gym for PE and
_______________________. then to the swimming pool 2. Daming’s next lessons are __________ geography and ______. maths his maths 3. Daming is unhappy because _________ _______________________. grades are not very good 4. He’s worried about _________. the exam 5. Betty tells him ________. to relax

Daming: Hi, Betty, where are you going? Betty: I’m going to the gym for PE, and then I don’t have any lessons until this afternoon, so I’m going to the swimming pool. How about you? Daming: I’ve got geography and then maths. Betty: Don’t look so unhappy! Geography is really interesting. Daming: Yes, geography is fine, but maths… well, I’m not sure. My grades

aren’t very good. Betty: Why aren’t your grades good? You listen in the lessons, don’t you? And you’ve done your homework, haven’t you? Daming: Yes, I’ve worked hard all this term. I’m doing my best. Betty: Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Daming: But what about the exam? Betty: You’ve already said you’re doing your best. It’ll be fine, Daming. Just

Activity3 Listen and read. Listen carefully and answer the questions:

1. Where did Tony go? The UK. 2. Who did he see? Lingling’s pen friend Sally. 3. Which school did Tony like? His school.

Activity 4 Listen again and complete the table.
Name of School Park School Number of pupils in school 700 Number of pupils in class 30 Items(条款,项 a computer and Internet 目) in the classroom a few science laboratories, a large

library, a music room and a hall for Other rooms / buildings concerts, a swimming pool and a huge sports ground

swimming, outdoor sports

Language points
1. Guess what? guess what 用在口语当中,用于告诉别 人令人意想不到或惊讶的事情前。如: Guess what! I met your sister in Beijing. 2. It was great to see her again. 很高兴又见到她了。 it 是形式主语,而真正的主语为 to see her。 如: It’s very difficult to answer this question.

3. Did you do anything interesting while you were there? 当形容词修饰由 any-, every-, no-, some和 -body, -one, -thing 等构成的复合不定代 词时,形容词需要后置,作后置定语。

4. What’s it like? = What does it look like?
5. It isn’t as big as ours.

6. a hall for concerts

7. Neither school has anything the other hasn’t got. 一个学校有的东西,另一个学校也有。 8. I bet we’re even better than Park School at English. 我敢说我们在英语方面比帕克学校还要好。 be good at = do well in doing sth.

9. get top grades for English 在英


1. —Why didn’t you go to the Sea World last Sunday? C — I heard there was ______. (2010年江苏 ) A. something interesting B. anything interesting C. nothing interesting D. interesting something

A 2. There isn’t ____ in today’s newspaper.

A. anything interesting B. something interesting C. nothing interesting D. interesting anything 3.-Mum, Ann’s coming tonight. Let’s give C her ___to eat. -Good idea! A anything nice B nice anything C something nice D nice something?

4. ―What’s your litter brother like? C ―_________. He enjoys telling jokes. (2010年中考真题 ) A. He is tall and thin B. He is shy and quiet C. He is outing and funny D. He is strong and heavy 5. Do you believe some special dogs can do things ______ man? B (2007南通市) A. as good as B. as well as C. as soon as D. as careful as

6. Shark is getting old and cannot jump as __ A as he did. (2006年浙江省杭州市 ) A. high B. higher C. highest D. much higher C 7. English ______ in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as America and Britain. (2006年浙江省杭州市 ) A. speaks B. is speaking C. is spoken D. spoke

8. Relax! _____ you finish this English exam, B you’ll be free and feel on top of the world. You can make it if you put your heart into it! (2009年黑龙江省 市) A.As well as B.As soon as C.As goo d as

A 9. Doing morning exercises ____ your health. (2005年黄冈) A. is good for B. is good to C. are good for D. are good at 10. This is my twin sister Lucy. Both she and I ________ good at drawing. C (2008重庆市) A. am B. is C. are D. be 11. -My spoken English is poor, what shall I do?? -Join an English language club to practice, you’ll ____ it? A (2010湖南省娄底市) A. be good at B. drop in C. deal with?

A 12. Zhou Yang is____ skating. She won a gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. (2010浙江省卷) A good at B weak in C tired of D angry with

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