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1. ball__n( )2.g_r_ffe( )3.pa_nt( )4.p_rp_e( )5._ngl_sh( )

6.gr___t( ) 7.m_nk_y( ) 8.w_nd_rful( ) 9.cl_v_r( ) 10.p_ct_re( )


1.foot(复数)____ 2.white(对应词)______ 3.this(对应词)____ 4.no(同音词)_____ 5.long(对应词)_____ 6.have(三单形式)______ 7.am(动词原形)______ 8.去上学_______ 9.看一看______10.is not(缩写形式)_______


( )1.-----What’s this ___English? -----It’s an _____.

A.on,tiger B.in,dog C.on,orange D.in,elephant

( )2.-----____are the oranges? -----They’re orange.

A.What B.What’s color C.What color D.How color

( )3.My pencil is brown _____white.

A.in B.or C.an D.and

( )4.-----What color is it

------It’s_____yellow. It’s _____yellow box.

A.a,a B ./,a C .an,a D./,an

( )5.Bob_____ a new pen._____pen is red.

A.have, B .has, C .has, he D .have,he

( )6.-----How old is your dad? ------______ .

A.He is good B.He is fine C.He is 40 D.I’m 40

( )7.-----Wha’s that? ------_____ a rabbit.

A.It’s B. That”s C.This’s D.This is

( )8.Lily and Lucy____good friends.They are in the same school.

A.is B.am C.are D.be

( )9.This is_____kite.That’s _____kite.

A.me,your B.I ,you C my,you D .my,your

( )10.-----Your doll is very nice. ------______.

A.No,it isn’t nice B.Yes,it is C.All right D.Thank you


1. W_____are you from?

2. Miss Green is an English t______.

3. Let’s m_____ a name card.

4. Mimi is m cat. It’s very l______.

5. Can I h____ you?

6. I’m in C___ 5.

7. Five and seven is t___.

8. Myn___ ina.

9. I’m Mary. G_____to meet you.

10. W____your number?


1. 我们画个唐老鸭吧!好吗?_________________________

2. 把这个小汽车涂成粉红色。__________________________

3. 我可以看看吗?__________________________

4. 猜!它是什么颜色?_______________________

5. 我们一起去动物园好吗?_______________________

6. Look carefully,what’s missing?___________________

7. My mom has an old bike.__________________

8. Lovely animals!________________________

9. Look at the long balloon._______________________

10. Can you help you?__________________________


1.Let’s go to school. a .Wow!Cool!

2.Excuse me Is it Mickey Mouse? b.All right.

3.Look !I have a red robot. c.No,It’s Monkey King.

4.What color do you like? d.Here you are.

5. A pencil-box,please. e.I like blue.


1. color, is ,eraser ,what ,your(?)________________________

2. short ,has ,tail ,it ,a(.) ____________________________

3. have ,orange , I ,an ,ball(.) _____________________________

4. English ,what ,this ,in ,is(?)____________________________

5. I ,look ,have ,a ,may(.) ______________________________


Hello! I’m Tom .I have a new robot .It is cool and clever ! It can sing and help me .It has two big eyes. Its mouth is big ,too .It has no nose .Its body is yellow . It has three green hands , and it has four black feet .I like it very much .

1. This robot is Tom’s.

2. This robot is cool ,but it isn’t clever .

3. This robot has two big ears .

4. This robot has three black hands .

5. This robot can help Tom .


假如你新买了一顶棕色的帽子,带到学校想给朋友一个惊喜。就这顶帽子编写一个对话。 (注意:至少六句话。)

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