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六年级英语上册 示范课

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How do you go there?

Beijing -----capital of China


Eiffel Tower


Paris -----capital of France (法国首都)


Means of transportation (交通方式)

How do you go to school?

on foot 1.步行 _________
2乘公交车_________ by bus

乘轮船 3.by ship_________ 乘地铁 4.by subway_________
5.骑自行车_________ by bike 6.乘火车_________ by train 7.by plane_________ 乘飞机

1)A:How do you go to school?

by bus B:I go there___ _____.
2)A:How do you go to Shanghai?

by _____. B:I go there___ train on foot 3)A:I go to the park___ _____.
What about you? B:I go there___ _____. by bike

Today’s homework:
? 1:Practise “Let’s learn”, and recite it. ? 2:Cope these phrases three times: ? on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, ? by ship, by plane, by subway

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