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六年级下册Unit1 on the weekend

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Unit 1


at the pool

at the dentist

at the museum

at the library

Where were you yesterday morning?

I was at the dentist. It was terrible.
I was at the pool. It was fun.

Where was he/she yesterday afternoon? Where were they yesterday afternoon?

Were you at the park?

No, I wasn’t. I was at the playground, but you weren’t there.

Was he/she at the dentist? Were they at the dentist?

Where was he yesterday afternoon? Was he at the park? No, he wasn’t. He was at the library. How was it? Was it interesting?

No . It was terrible.
Why? Because he was at the library all night!


Yesterday afternoon/library/museum/fun A : Where were you…? Were you at the…? B : No, I …I was at the… A: How was it? Was it…? B : Yes, it was.

on the weekend/playground/pool/exciting A : Where was she…? Was she…? B : No,…She was… A : How was it? Was it …? B: No. It was…

Monday 10th I was very busy on the weekend! On Saturday morning, I was at the zoo. It was fun. In the afternoon, I was at the pool. It was great. I like to swim. Then I was at the library.

On Sunday morning, I was at the dentist. It was terrible! In the afternoon, I was at the museum. It was very interesting. I was at the bookstore, too. It was exciting! A soccer player from London was there.

Saturday 8th

Sunday 9th


at the zoo/fun


I have a question, Mr. Fox. What’s in your small box? Oh, it’s a book about how to cook. Would you like to have a look?

Put in salt and pepper. Then stir and mix. Dinner will be ready at six.

What are you doing? I’m doing a quiz. What are they doing? They are watching TV.
What is he/she doing? He/She is singing.

1961-04-12 Yuri Gagarin Soviet Union the first man in space 1969-07-20 Neil Armstrong America first man on the moon
2003-10-16 Yang Liwei China person from China in space


the first

Write a composition about your last Saturday .

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