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( )1.A. winter B.wait C.write ( )2.A.cook B.look C.box

( )3. A.door B.doctor C.dog ( )4. A.foot B.food C.fruit

( )5. A.great B.grape C.grade


( )1.It __ like fun. A.looks B.sounds C.smells

( )2.Why are you ___? A.laughing B.singing C.crying

( )3.____are you going to study? A.Where B.When C.What

( )4.We are having a ____. A.picnic B .meeting C.party

( )5.It is a little _____ here. A.cold B. hot C.warm


( )1.A.Good afternoon! B.Good moring!

( )2. A.He is my brother. B.She is my mother.

( )3. A.I can see eighteen. B.I can see eight cats.

( )4. A.I am from China. B.I am thirteen.

( )5. A.Oh, it is beautiful. B.I am sorry.


( )1.Near my home, there is a supermarket.

( )2.The twins like their new classmates.

( )3.Dick and Mike are classmates.

( )4.The strawberries are fifteen.

( )5.Alice goes to school from Monday to Fridy.



1. mother(口语)________ 2.clean(反义词)________3. let's(完整形式)________

4.drank (原形)__________ 5 .two(同音词)_________ 6. she (宾格)__________

7. three (序数词) _______ 8. China(形容词)______

9. swim(现在分词) _______ 10.photo(复数)________


1. Look _____the beautiful pictures, please. A .in B .on C .at D .of

2. seven and twenty-six is ____. A.nineteen B. thirty-three C.twenty D. eleven

3. _____is Mr. White? He is fifty. A.How B.When C. Where D. How old

4. ____ is your mother? She’s a dancer. A. Where B. How C. What D. Which

5. The two shirts look _____same. A.a B. an C. \ D. the

6. ________! Are you Anne? No, I’m not. A. Hello B.Sorry C.Hi D. Excuse me

7. Your grandma is old . Please _____her. A. look like B.look in C. look after D. look in

8. How much ______do you have? A. money B. book C. pens D. cats

9. I can ____two ice-cream. A. eating B. eat C. eats D. eates

10. I’ve got ______English book. A. any B. many C. much D. some

三、在横线上填上适当的词,使其与划线单词意思相对。(10分) My brother is ______. 5.The blackboard is desk is _____


1. __________ is Sam? He is in the swimming pool(游泳池)。

2. ________ is he doing? He is swimming.

3._____does he usually swim? He swims at 9:00 AM.

4.____does he go to the swimming pool? By bus.

5._____ is your father ? He is a teacher.


1. it going rain to is tomorrow (.)

2. a what building big ( ! )

3. would like what you ( ?)

4. to nice you meet ( ! )

5. in the cabbage is the sink .


1. These are apples.

2. There is a peach on the tree .

3. What are they ? They’re oranges .

4. He is a good child .

5. Where are my shoes ?

七. 阅读短文判断正误,对的写Yes错的写No.(10分)

Bob comes from England. He is eleven. He likes to play basketball. His father Mr brown works in a big shop in Shijiazhuang. Bob has a brother. His name is Mike. He is only four.

It is Saturday. Bob’s family is all at home. Mr. Brown is sitting on a chair and reading a book. Bob is cleaning his new bicycle. His brother is playing with his dog.

1. Bob likes to play soccer. ( )

2. Bob has an old bike. ( )

3. Mike is playing with his cat. ( )

4. The family has four people.( )

5. The family is all at home ( )


Oo Rr Ii

Uu 一. 根据汉语意思填空。(6分)

1. The car is_____(在、、、里面)the bag. 2 . I have a ______(新的)pencil.

3.The bike is______(在、、、下面)the tree. 4 .The chair is ______(在、、、旁边)the desk.

5. She has _______(十八 )apples. 6. The plane is______(在上面)the book.


一、1. wait 2.cook 3.doctor 4.fruit 5.grape

二1.It sounds like fun.

2.Why are you laughing?

3. What are you going to study?

4.We are having a picnic.

5.It is a little cold here.

三、1、Good moring!

2、Who is that boy?

3.How many cats can you see?

4.How old are you?

5.Look, I have a new watch.

四、1.There is a supermarket near my school.

2.—Do the twins like their new coats?


3.Dick and Mike are in different classes.

4.---How much are the strawberries?

----There are fifteen.

5.---Hello,Alice. Do you go to school every day . ---No, I go to school from Monday to Fridy.

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