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期末测试(一) 听力部分

一、 听音选单词(12分)

( )1. A. short B. long C. use D. show ( )2.A. take B. tall C. hand D. clever ( )3.A.write B. mouth C. draw D. just ( )4.A. or B. give C. either D. Sunday ( )5.A. horse B. supper C. sleep D. food ( )6.A.bottle B. man C. paper D. meat 二、 听问句选择恰当的答语。(8分) ( )1.A. Yes, I do. B. No, I do. ( )2. A. Yes, I do. B. No, it don’t. ( )3. A. I’m reading. B. She’ s drawing. ( )4. A. She’ singing. B. He’s swimming. 一、给图片标序号(10分)

( )

( )

( )

( ) ( )

二、听音,看图用yes, no(10分)


2 Yes( ) no( ) Yes( ) no( )



Yes( ) no( ) Yes( ) no( ) 笔试部分(60)

一、 选出不同类单词(9分)

( )1. A. short B. long C. tall D. use ( )2. A. computer B. keyboard C. mouse D. screen ( )3. A. drawing B. read C. playing D. writing ( )4. A. bottle B. drink C. Coke D. water ( )5. A. else B. potato C. tomato D. carrot ( )6. A. fish B. carrot C. chicken D. beef 二、 选择题(9分)

( ) 1. Do you have a pen? _____

A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, I do C. No, I do. ( ) 2. A computer_______ a keyboard. A. has B. have C. had ( ) 3.What are you doing? I’m_______.

A. draw B. drawing C. draws ( ) 4. Are you ________ clothes?

A. washes B. wash C. washing ( ) 5. Could I some_________?

A. tomato B. tomatos C. tomatoes

( )6. How many _____do you want?

A. buns B. bun C. a bun


( )1. Do you like music? A. I’d like a cup of tea. ( ) 2. Does a computer have a keyboard? B. Yes, I do. ( ) 3.What is she doing? C. I’m drawing. ( ) 4. What are you doing? D. She’s reading. ( ) 5. Are you washing clothes? E. Yes, it does. ( ) 6. What would you like? F. Yes, I am.


A. ___1______I have some tomatoes? B. _________2_______.

A. What ____3____do you want?

B. We want some carrots, _____4____. A. _____5_____. B. Thank you.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________



Jim likes playing chess. Sometimes he plays chess with Jill. He likes fishing very much. Now he is fishing in a river. He likes singing. When he goes fishing, he sings. H e likes reading. Now he is reading a book under a tree. He likes playing computer games. Now he is writing a letter to his friend on the computer. Now Jim is running to school. He doesn’t like being late. 根据短文内容判断正误,正确的打(√),错误的打(×) ( ) 1. Jim likes fishing very much. ( ) 2.When he goes fishing, he sings. ( )3. He likes being late for school. ( ) 4. He doesn’t like playing computer.


I have a new friend. I play with him every day. He is short. And he has no legs. He has a big head. He doesn’t have mouth but he can sing. He doesn’t have two hands, but he can write letters He is a computer.

根据短文内容选择正确答案。 ( )1. I have a new_______.

A. computer B. friend C. TV ( )2.He has no _________.

A. hands B. legs C. head ( )3.He doesn’t have a ________but he can sing.

A. mouth B. hand C. fingers ( )4. He doesn’t have two ________, but he can write letter. A. body B. arm C. hands 六、根据所给单词写一句话(4分)

1.ruler 2.keyboard

___________________________- __________________________________- 3.a pear 4. draw

_____________________________ _________________________________

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