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1. look about [around]

(1) 环顾四周。

如:The man kept looking about. 这个人不停地环顾四周。

(2) 随便看,到处看。

如:A:What can I do for you, madam? 夫人,想买什么吗? B:No, I’m just looking around. 不是,只是随便看看。

(3) 到处寻找。

如:I’m looking about for a house. 我在找一座房子。

(4) 仔细考虑。

如:Look about carefully before making the decision. 先仔细考虑,然后再作决定。

2. look after 照顾,照料,关心。

如:I can look after myself. 我能照顾自己。

Who is looking after the luggage? 谁在照看行李?

3. look at

(1) 看……,注视……。

如:He looked at me and smiled. 他望着我笑了。

Look at him jump [jumping]. 请看他跳。

(2) 看待。如:That’s the way I look at it. 我就是那样看待它的。

(3) 考虑(多用于含有否定意义的句子)。

如:They refused to look at my suggestion. 他们拒不考虑我的建议。

(4) 检查。如:He came to look at the drainage. 他是来检查排水设备的。

4. look back

(1) 回顾,回想。

如:I still shudder when I look back on the past. 想起过去,我仍然不寒而栗。

(2) 停滞,畏缩,倒退(通常用于否定句)。如:From this time on, he never looked back. 从此以后,他便不断进步。

5. look down on [upon] 看不起,瞧不起。

如:You shouldn’t look down upon the poor. 你不应该瞧不起穷人。 She likes tennis, but looks down on football.她喜欢网球,但轻视足球。

6. look for

(1) 寻找。

如:I’ve looked for it everywhere. 我到处找过它了。我到处找过它了。You are looking for trouble. 你是在自找麻烦。。

(2) 期待,指望。

如:We shall be looking for an improvement in your work this term. 我们期待你这学期学习进步。

It’s too soon yet to look for results. 现在就指望有结果,未免为时过早。

7. look forward to 期待,盼望。

如:We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 我们盼望收到你的来信。The children are looking forward to your visit. 孩子们都盼望着你的到来。

注:该结构中的 to 是介词,不是不定式符号,所以其后接动词时要用动名词,而不用动词原形。

8. look in (顺便)来访。

如: Why don’t you look in (on) me next time you’re in town? 你下次进城来顺便来串串门好吗?

I may look in at the party on my way home. 我回家时可能顺便到聚会处去看看。

9. look into 调查,研究,了解。

如: We’ll look into that right away. 我们会马上调查此事。 The police are looking into the cause of the accident. 警方正调查事故原因。

10. look like

(1) 看起来象。

如:He looks like your brother. 他看上去象你哥哥。

What does he look like? 他长相如何?

He looks like an honest man. 看来他象个老实人。

(2) 好象要,似乎要。

如:It looks like rain [raining]. 好象要下雨了。

He looks like winning. 好象他要赢了。

11. look on

(1) 旁观。

如:No, I’m not playing; I’m just looking on. 不,我不打,我只是看看。

(2) 看(待)(尤指带有某种目光或情绪等)。如:She was looked on with distrust. 人家对她总是不信任。

(3) 看作,当作(与 as 连用)。

如:He looks on me as his best friend. 他把我当作最好的朋友。We looked on this as useless. 我们认为这个东西毫无用处。

12. look out

(1) 向外看。

如:Don’t look out of the window. 别往窗外看。

He stood at the window and looked out (at the view). 他站在窗前向外望他站在窗前向外望)。

(2) 注意,当心,小心。

如:Look out. There’s a car coming!

当心!汽车来了!If you don’t look out, you’ll hurt yourself. 你若不当心,你会受伤的。

(3) 找出,挑选出。如:We looked out his address in, the telephone directory. 我们在电话簿里查到了他的地址。

13. look over 审阅,翻阅,打量,检查。

如:Would you mind looking over my exercises? 请你帮我看一下我的练习好吗?

He looked her over and nodded lightly. 他上下打量她,然后微微点了点头。juinhbnnj

14. look through 翻阅,浏览。

如:Before the meeting he looked through the reports. 开会前他把报告看了一遍。

Look through your notes before the examination. 考试前翻翻你的笔记。

15. look to 注意,负责。

如: Look to it that this doesn’t happen again. 注意不要让这事再发生。

16. look up (1) 查阅,查找。

如:(1) Look up this word in the dictionary. 这个词查查词典吧。

(2) 看望,拜访,找(人)。

如:I want to look up an old friend. 我想去看一位朋友。

(3) 好转。

如:Things are looking up. 情况在好转。。

17. look up to 尊敬。

如:I look up to my parents. 我尊敬父母。

He is good teacher. We’ve always look up to him. 他是位好老师,我们一向尊重他。

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