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深港版小学英语Book10 Unit 6 练习

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Book10 Unit 6 练习

Name : _________________


1. The ___________ is ___________.

2. Don’t ___________ _________ the window.

3. We should _________ plants and pets _________.

4. He didn’t___________ home, his mother was very ____________.

5. Please don’t go ________, it’s very______________.

6. You should stay_________. It’s safe.

7. You can call your friends with the _________ __________.

8. Listen to the ________ and ________TV.

9. Trees ________ and windows__________.

10. There are _________ in China every year. They are very big and _________.


一, 中英互译




(7)typhoon rules__________________ (8)close the doors____________________

(9)put plants inside________________(10)leave pets outside________________

二, 用英语完成下列情景:

(1).你告诉别人不要站在窗户附近,应该说:_______ ________near the windows.


Use _______ phone. Don’t ______ home phone.

(3).昨天你把所有门窗都关好了吗?_________you _________ all the windows?

(4).我把他们放客厅里. I________ them in the living room.

(5). 我们不应该把宠物留外面,把它们放里面。

We _______ ________ the pets outside, ________ them inside.


( )1. What should we do?__________________

A. We put the plants inside. B. We will put pets inside.

C. We should close windows.

( )2. Did the trees fall down?

A.Yes, it did. B.No, it didn’t. C.Yes,they did.

( )3. What did you do last night?

A.She clean my house. B.He washed his clothes.

C.I send lots of emails. D.I swim in a lake.

( )4. What are they doing now? ________________________

A. They are listening to the radio. B.They are listening the radio.

C. They listening to the radio.

( )5.What did you go last week? ________________________

A. I did my homework. B. I go to the shopping mall.

C. We went to the bridge.

( )6. Are you ready for typhoon Ting Ting?

A. Yes, I’m. B. Yes, you are. C. Yes, I am.

( )7. Was there a typhoon last night?

A. Yes, it was. B. No,there wasn’t. C. Yes, there were.

( )8. Is a typhoon dangerous? _________________

A. Yes,a typhoon. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, it does.

( )9.Did you close the windows and doors? _________________

A. Yes,I do. B. Yes, we did. C. Yes, we does.

( )10. Do you like typhoon?

A.Yes,I like B. No, I don’t like. C. No, I don’t like them.

Bob: ________________?

Tom: well. That’s good!

Bob: Yes, and I’m going to swim with my classmates next Sunday.


Bob: Why not! That’s great and _____________.

Tom: Yeah. Oh. It’s time to go to class.



______ Soon a man came to buy the shoes.

______ Many years ago, there was a shoe shop .

______The next day , the shoemaker saw a new pair of shoes.

______ A shoemaker and his wife lived there .

______ That night, the shoemaker put the leather on the table.

______Now the shoemaker had some money .

______They were very poor .

______Then they went to bed.

______ They only had one piece of leather.

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