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语法1级 Clare

Lesson7 Where is my toy car ?

Teaching aims:学习单词 jeep doll plane door train ship boat behind


Key points:介词 in, on, under, behind 的运用

会用Where is ...?询问物体的方位


Teaching steps:

StepⅠ:Greetings. Good afternoon,boys and girls!How are you ? StepⅡ:Warm-up

Today let’s learn Chinese KongFu,ok? Everybody ,stand up!吸气,呼气,再吸气!中国功夫,博大精深!哈!in ,on ,under,in front of,next to behind,between.Wow, you are so strong! Look, what’s this? (It’s a cat !)This cat is for GA,and this cat is for GB.GA and GB have a match!Look, the cat climb the tree. The cat is next to the tree, the cat is under the tree.Let me see , which group is faster!Come on ,Chinese KongFu! StepⅢ:Words:

Look here, there are some new words:

Jeep train doll plane ship boat door behind

1 音标认读单词 (大富翁+大小声)小组比赛

2 补全词形+词义 (错读+埋地雷) A B组比赛和师生比赛

3 检测:A B 组抢答

What’s missing?(擦黑板)


Ok, everybody, do you remember Chinese KongFu? “in”,what’s the meaning? “on”, “under”, “behind”? Very good, follow me: in on under behind (trick game:老师说的单词和做的动作相反,谁跟着说错了,对方组加分)(A B组比赛)

Now I say U do , I do U say.Ok, in the desk , in the bag,还可以表达在?里呢?Hands up!(个人抢答)

On the desk, on the bed, hands up! (个人抢答)

Under , behind , who can try? (个人抢答)


Oh,I can't find my toy car? Where is my toy car? Oh, here, it's in the bag. Where is my toy car? What's the meaning? Yes,let's play high and low voice,ok?(大小声练习句子)

Now everybody close your eyes!闭起你们的眼睛,偷偷的藏起自己的一样东西...... Ok, open your eyes! You can ask: Where is my ...? And we'll guess.Who can try? ......Who can guess? (藏起东西,让学生猜)

Look!What's this? ...(It's a ball.)Now I'll hide the ball.Look, it's "on" and it's a chair.If I hide the ball here, you can say :It's on the chair,ok? Now ,I'll hide it.....Where is the ball? Who can guess?....You are so great! 刚才我们藏的是这个球,所以我们问,这个球在哪里?应该怎么

问呢?Yes!Great! 今天我们学习了询问物体在哪里?应该用什么疑问词来问啊?Yes, where! 那我们来看这两个句子,Where is my ...? Where is the ...?我们来总结问物体在哪里的句型应该是:Where + be动词+主语?Ok, now,translate my sentence: 我的书包在哪里?我的尺子在哪里?球在哪里?车在哪里?应该怎么回答呢?主语+be 动词+介词+the ...

Now,take out your books,turn to page 41,let's do exercise . 总结竞争机制!

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