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4.__________________ 5.__________________ PEP人教版小学英语六年级上册期末试卷

——— — —— — :—— 姓名

——听力部分 (40分)


—( ) 1. A. east B. west C. south

— —( ) 2. A. turn left B. turn right C. go straight ——( ) 3. A. get off B. take a bus C. walk east — ( ) 4. A. five minutes B. No.12 bus C. at 6 p.m. —— —( ) 5. A. tomorrow B. tonight C. morning :—级


班 ——— 1.read a magzine A. next week

— ——2. do sports B. tomorrow — — 3. go to the cinema C. this afternoon ———4. visit grandparents D. tonight — ——5. take a trip E. this weekend — — Ⅲ.听音并划出下文中与所听内容不一致的地方并改正。10%

:校 First, go straight for three minutes. Next, turn right at the 学————hospital. Then , turn left at the post office. You'll see the bookstore ——next to the museum.

—— 1.__________________ 2.__________________ 3.__________________

Ⅳ.听音并根据你所听到的问题,选出最合适的答案,然后填在括号内。10% ( ) 1. A. You can take the No.1 bus. B. You can go to the zoo. C. I can go by the No.1 bus to the zoo.

( ) 2. A. I am doing my homwork. B. I am going to have a trip. C. I am having a cake.

( ) 3. A. A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, he does. C. No, she doesn't. ( ) 4. A. First,dig the soil. B. Water it. C. Wait for it to grow. ( ) 5. A. She often reads magazines. B. She often read magazines. C. She often reading magazines.

笔试部分 (50分)


( ) 1. A. by bus B. by car C. by car

( ) 2.

( ) 3. A. post office B. cinema C. shoe store

( ) 4. A. traffic lights B. supermarket C. shopping mall

- 1 -


1. cine 2. li ary 3. week

4. vi it 5. superm ket

Ⅶ. 根据对话上下文,从所给句子中选择正确的一项,将对话补充完整,并将选项前面的字母编号写在相应的横线上。10%

A. How are you going to go there? B. Is your grandma a teacher,too? C. What do you often do on the weekends?

D.Are you going to read books this weekend? E. What does your grandpa do?

A: ___________? B: I often read books on the weekends.

A: ___________? B: No,I am going to visit my grandparents this weekend. A: _______ ___? B: I am going to go there by car. My parents will go with


A: ___________? B: He is a Chinese teacher.

A: ___________? B: No, she isn't. My grandma is a doctor.

Ⅷ.按要求完成下列句子吗? 10%

1.I go to school by bus. (就划线部分提问) do you go to school?

2. The bank is west of the restaurant.(写出划线部分的反义词)

The bank is the restaurant.

3.I'm going to learn English. (变成一般疑问句)

4.I'm going to go to the Great Wall. (划线部分提问) are you going to go to?

5. Do you know the traffic rules? (否定回答)


1. I can't finds my pen. ( ) ______________ A B C D

2. What do his father do? ( ) ______________ A B C D

3. He goes to work by foot. ( ) ______________ A B C D

4. I like playing the football. ( ) ______________ A B C D

5. Amy is going to be a actress. ( ) __ ______ A B C D

- 2 -


Ⅰ.听音并选出你所听到的内容。10% 每小题读4遍

1.south 2. go straight

3. get off 4. No.12 bus 5. tonight

答案:1.C 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.B

Ⅱ.听音并连线。10% 每小题读4遍

1. I'm going to read a magzine tonight.

2. I'm going to do sports this weekend. 3. I'm going to the cinema tomorrow. 4. I'm going to take a trip this afternoon. 答案:略

Ⅲ.听音并划出下文中与所听内容不一致的地方并改正。10% 每小题读4遍

原文:First, go straight for one minutes. Next, turn left at the hospital.

Then , turn right at the post office. You'll see the museum next to the bookstore

答案:1. one 2. left 3. right 4. museum 5. bookstore.

Ⅳ.听音并根据你所听到的问题,选出最合适的答案然后填在括号内。10%每小题读4遍 1. How can you go to the zoo?

2. What are you going to do next weekend? 3. Does your brother like English? 4. How do you plant a tree first?

5. What does your sister do at night? 答案:C B B A A



答案:1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A Ⅵ.将下列单词补充完整。10%

答案:1.ma 2.br 3.end 4.s 5.ar

Ⅶ. 根据对话上下文,从所给句子中选择正确的一项,将对话补充完整,并将选项前面的

字母编号写在相应的横线上。10% 答案:C D A E B

Ⅷ.按要求完成下列句子吗? 10%

1. How 2. east of 3. Are you going to learn English? 4. Where 5. No,I don’t .

Ⅸ.下面句子中各有一处错误,请找出来,并将正确内容写在右边横线上。10% 1、C finds-----find 2、B do-----does 3、D by-----on

4、D the 去掉 5、D a-----an

- 3 -

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