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Lesson 7 Happy Halloween

What ’s missing?

This is a Jack-o’-lantern . This is not a Jack-o’-lantern. isn’t

This is a pumpkin . This is not a pumpkin. isn’t

That is a ghost . That is not a ghost. isn’t


That is a witch . That is not a witch. isn’t

This is a devil . This isn’t a devil. Is this a devil ? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .

That is a bat . That is not a bat. Is that a bat? Yes , it is. No , it isn’t.

-This is a clown. -This is not a devil.

-That is a ghost.

-That is not a witch.

-This is a shark. -This is not a whale.

-That is a kite. -That is not a bird.

-These are witches. -These are not ghosts.

These are Jack-o’-lanterns .

This is a Jack-o’-lantern .

These are pumpkins .

This is a pumpkin .

Those are ghosts. That is a ghost .

Those are devils.
Those are not devils. aren’t

Are those devils?

No , they aren’t . Yes , they are .

Those are witches. Those are not witches.

Are those witches? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t .

These are bats. These aren’t bats. Are these witches? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t .

These are clowns. These aren’t clowns. Are those clowns? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t .

-Those are devils.

-Those are not clowns.

-These are roses. -These are not lilies.

-Those are butterflies. -Those are not moths.

This is a\an____. This is not a\an ____. 这是一个。。。。 这不是一个。。。。。。 Is this a\an____? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t . 这是一个。。。。吗? 是的,它是。 不,它不是。 That is a\an____. That is not a\an_____. 那是一个。。。。。 那不是一个。。。。。 Is that a\an____? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t . 那是一个。。。吗? 是的,它是。 不,它不是。 These are_____. These are not ______. 这些是。。。。 这些不是。。。。。 Are these____? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t . 这些是。。。吗? 是的,他们是。 不,他们不是。 Those are_____. Those are not _______. 哪些是。。。。。 哪些不是。。。。。 Are those______? Yes , they are . No , they aren’t . 哪些是。。。。吗? 是的,他们是。不,他们不是。

Is this a clown ? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .

Is this a bat? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .

Is this a cat ? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .

Is that a devil? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .

Is that a jack-o’-lantern? Yes , it is . No , it isn’t .



not , are not ,

am not;
(1)把下面的句子变成否定句。 She is watching TV now. She is not watching TV now Jack's mother is a nurse. Jack's mother is not a nurse. It is eating fish. It is not eating fish. I’m your friend. I’m not your friend.

? This is a picture. This is not a picture. ? This

is a piano. This is not a piano. This is not a name. ? This is a name. ? That is an orange. That is not an orange. ? That is an ice cream. That is not an ice cream. That is not a toilet. ? That is a toilet. That is not a joke. ? That is a joke. That is not a playground. ? That is a playground.. ? That is a teaching building. ?That is not a teaching building

肯定句变一般疑问句 把be动词放在句首,剩下的照抄, (some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。 把下列句子变成一般疑问句 1.I am listening to music. Am I listening to music? 2. Mike is a student. Is mike a student? 3. Sarah can clean the classroom. Can Sarah clean the classroom? 4. They are in the zoo. Are they in the zoo?

5. There are some flowers on the table. Are there any flowers on the table? 6.This is an apple. Is this an apple? 7.They are sweeping the floor. Are they sweeping the floor?
8.That is a library. Is that a library?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Is this your pencil? Is this his book? No, it isn't.

Is this her eraser? Is that your pencil? Yes, it is.
Is this my pencil. Is that his book?

--What’s _____ in English? this --A ________. pumpkin --A ________! pumpkin

those Are_____ pumpkins ,too?
Jack-o-lanterns Yeah. They are called____________.

--They are made _____of pumpkins. --I ______ so. think nice --They look so____

Here is a black cat. It always follows ______the _____. witch Oh, I _____. see bats Look, _____are _____and ____ these those are_______. ghosts afraid Ugh! I ______ bats and I’m____ hate ghosts of_____. too --Me____.

Find out the mistakes.

1.little red riding hood 3.class 3grade 6 5.miss wang 7. i don’t like watch tv. 9. may is before june. 11. today is teacher’s day.

2. snow white 4. monkey king 6. mr hopper and mrs smith 8.I have maths on Friday. 10. children’s day 12. I’m in disneyland.

13. I want go to zhongshan park. 14. tian’an men square is beautiful. 15. I live in mianyang. 16. mr brown comes from america.

park hard




dirty girl




1 听磁带复习本课课文及其他所有内容一遍 (包括课后题); 2 重点复习第七课的单词明天听写; 3把教材35页两个对话框Box x 和Box Y的内 容(1.自己再想一个问句和答句加进去2.你可以 做一个新的对话内容框,不抄书上的);39页 右下角4个填空(要画图)按照一样的格式 抄写一次。

Thank you. Good bye.

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