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There is a horse in the photo.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

there is 有,存在 there are horse 马 have a look 看一看 sheep 绵羊 vegetable 蔬菜 climb 爬 face 脸

? ? ? ?

fruit 水果 chicken 鸡肉 bear熊 pig猪

? ? ? ? ?

Look at the photo . There is a horse. And there is a girl. She is riding the horse. riding ride

? There are some nice photos here. ? Let's have a look. ? There is a horse in the photo. ? It's running fast. ? There is a sheep in this photo. ? It's eating vegetables.

? There is a cat. ? It's climbing the tree. ? Yes,there is a girl under the tree. ? She's watching the cat. ? Oh! That's my cat. ? Who's the girl?=Who is the girl? ? I can't see her face.

? ? ? ?

You can see her face now. Oh,it's Lingling! She's riding a horse. Ha ha......


? ? ? ? ?

There is a girl in this photo. She's riding a horse. I can't see her face. There is a boy. He's flying a kite.

The end,thank you!

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