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2. Choose the best answer. (选择填空。)

( ) (1) I rode a bike school.

A. on B. of C. through

( )(2) This kind of computers very cheap now.

A. is B. are C. was

( )(3) Your shoes are wet. Put inside.

A. they B. theirs C. them

( )(4) I have a pet. name is Lucky.

A. It's B. It C. Its

( )(5) The mountain is too high. people can get to the top(顶端)。

A. Little B. A little C. Few

3. write the sentences.(根据A部分写句型。)

. (我们能够在鸟园赏鸟。)

. (我们能够乘车穿过狮子园。)

. (我们能够站在猴山附近。)

. (我们能够在斑马园看斑马。)

. (我们能够开车去河马池。)

4. Write the past tense.(写出过去式。)

stand drive , ride have , go , make , see are ride , go , take

5. Read and correct.(读一读,把正确的句子重写一遍。)

1) .





6. Read Part I and write T or F.(根据I部分判断正误。)

1) Polar bears eat fish and big animals

2) Polar bears have white fur and live in cold places.

3) Lions live in the snow and ice. 4) Lions often hide in the rivers and lakes.

5) Hippos can swim and usually stay in water.

6) Hippos eat meat so they are dangerous.

7. Read and choose.(读一读,找出发音不同的单词)

1) A. face, B. make, C. hand B. book, C.moon

3) A. happy, B.panda, C. cake B.keep, C. egg

5) A. set, B.seat, C. teache B.house, C. should

7) A. worked, B. wanted, B.teaches, C. catches

8. Read and choose.(读答句,选问句。)

( ) 1) -I am twelve years old.

A. Who are you? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

( ) 2) I am a teacher.

A. What are you? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

( ) 3) I have a bad cold.

A. What's the wrong with you? B. What's matter with you? C. What's the matter with you? ( ) 4) It is a fine day today.

A. What is the weather today? B. How is the weather like today?

C. What is the weather like today?

( ) 5) I work in a restaurant.

A. When do you work? B. Where do you work? C. How do you work?

9. Read and finish.(读一读,完成后面练习。)

Fred is in his room. He is doing his homework. “Homework isn't nice.” he says to Tiger. “Tiger is my friend.” he writes. “He is my cat. He is small and black and his eyes are green. I give him fish and milk.” Tiger looks at Fred. “Fish? Milk?” Fred says, “I can't come now. I can't give you food now. I am working.” He writes. “He comes to my room and looks at me. And I give him fish and milk.” Tiger says “Miaou.”“No, Tiger,” Fred says, “I can't

come now. I am doing my homework.”

1)Read then write T or F.(阅读短文,判断正误。)

( ) Tiger is Fred's cat.

( ) Fred is doing his homework.

( ) The cat's eyes are black.

( ) Fred is in Tiger's room.

2) Read and choose.(读一读,选出正确答案。)

1. Fred is ( ) .

A. doing his homework B. playing with the cat C. giving the cat fish and milk

2. “Tiger” is the name of( ) .

A. a dog B. a cat C. a tiger

3. Fred ( ) give Tiger fish or milk.

A. does B. isn't C. doesn't

4. The cat usually wants to eat ( ) .

A. fish B. milk C. both A and B Choose the best answer. (选择填空。)

( ) 1. Mike rode a bike ______ the Lion Land.

A. Under B. on C. through

( ) 2. I didn’t like singing. What about _____ basketball?

A. playing B. played C. plays

( ) 3. We ____ to Animal Land and ____ lots of animals last Monday.

A. Went; see B. go; saw C. went; saw

( ) 4. They _____ too much last Sunday.

A.eat and drink B. ate and drank C. eat and drinking D. ate and drink

( ) 5. ______ the summer holidays, we visited many places of interest.

A.During B. On C. For

( ) 6. Let’s ____ near Monkey Mountain and ___ the monkeys.

A. Stand; see B. stand; saw C. stood; saw

( ) 7. We rode through Lion Land _____ a train, then we drove to Hippo Pool.

A. in; on B. on; in C. in; in

( ) 8. Did you ____ a postcard for your sister?

A. bought B. buy C. buying

( ) 9. I don’t like _____ chess.

A. play the B. played the C. playing

( ) 10. I can’t sing _____ play sports. A.or B. and C. to

Read and judge.(阅读和判断)

A mother mouse and her baby were running in the living room. Suddenly they heard a noise. It was a cat. The mother mouse and her baby wanted to run, but there was no chance. The cat was coming to them.

The mother mouse stood quietly. Then a box on the table fell down and hit her tail, so she called out, “Woo! Woo!” The cat was frightened and ran away quickly. The mother mouse was very happy. She said, “You see, my son, how important it is to speak a foreign language.”

( ) 1. A mother mouse and her baby mouse were running in the sitting room.

( ) 2. They stood quietly because they saw a cat.

( ) 3. The cat didn’t like mice, so it ran away.

( ) 4. Mother mouse said “Woo! Woo!” to show she can speak English.

( ) 5. Mother mouse was very clever.

Read and write.(选择所给单词的适当形式填空)

1. Tom ____ (stand) and answered the teacher’s questions.

2. Many people ____ (come) to Shenzhen from all over the country 20 years ago.

3. Last summer my mother always ____ (ride) to work.

4. We _____ (visit) the Great Wall last Sunday.

5. Yesterday afternoon I _____ (see) Mr. Zhang in the street.

6. Yesterday morning Lucy and Lily _____ (watch) TV all the time.

7. He was in late for school. He ____ (run) to the school fast.

8. It _____ (be) rainy last weekend. We ____ (be) unhappy.

9. Mr. Smith ____ (fly) to Beijing and ____ (have) a meeting last week.

10. The students _____ (be) sleepy in class yesterday.

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