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选择a或an或者不填(用/来表示) pen bag apple big apple banana orange oranges orange pen hour house umbrella university A[ei] U[ju:] H[eitF] R[a:] B[bi:] M[em] E chick water child children


①Is it Chinese book or English book?

②This is ring, and it is orange ring.

③Mary is English teacher. Tom is Chinese teacher.

④This is bike. It’s old bike.

⑤This is telephone number.

⑥That is ID card.

⑦I lost my keys. It’s set of keys.

⑧It’s apple, not pear.

⑨This is peach. That’s orange.

⑩You have banana, but I have egg.

①Is there umbrella on the desk?

②There is island in the sea.

③There is picture on the card.

④I have old book.

⑤ apple is a kind of fruit.

⑥There is armchair[a:mtFeE(r)] in the living room.

⑦I’d like egg.

⑧Look, there is bird in the tree.

⑨Is there map on the wall?

⑩There is bench[bentF] in the park.


butterfly — sky — boy — toy —

wife(妻子)— life(生命)— knife(小刀)—

man— woman— tooth— foot—

Chinese______ Japanese___________ Sheep_______________ fish ____________


两个男工人 两个女工人 两个小孩 3个中国人 3条鱼 4只绵羊

4只鹿 5只鹅

5英尺 6颗牙齿

6个女人 7只脚 7个男人


① This is my friend.

② That is his brother.

③ Is this your sister?

④ Is that her cousin?

⑤ What’s this?

⑥ This is an apple tree.

⑦ It is an old backpack.


bird—( ) chick—( )

chick-( ) fish---( )

church—( ) pencil box—( )

toy----( ) donkey—( )

monkey—( ) baby----( )

candy---( ) family---( )

potato---( ) tomato—( )


① It’s autumn, are falling(降落)down from trees.

A.leaf B. leafs C. leaves D. leaves

② There are five under the tree.

A.sheep B. sheepes C. ships D. sheeps

③ What are these in English?-____are stamps.[stAmp]

A. They B. It C. Those

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