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外研版九年级上英语Module 6 Unit 2

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Module 6 Save our world
Unit 2 Remember three words: Reduce, reuse and recycle.



Teaching Aims and Demands:
Key structures: Some rules of word formation: prefix and suffix. (重点) To understand the passage. (难点) To get the main idea of each paragraph. Attitudes: To protect our world.
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Match the words with the pictures:

bottle boil



Which things are better for the environment ? Why?

made in China

made abroad

It’s better for Chinese people to buy Chinese products than products form abroad.
中国英语教师网 4

Which things are better for the environment ? Why?

It is better to use a lunch box and china cup than a paper cup, because they are reusable. Paper cups can only be used once and have to be throw away.
中国英语教师网 5

Which things are better for the environment ? Why?

It is much better to recycle used things than burn them. In this way we can use less energy; also, burning pollutes the atmosphere.
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Check (√) the things you should do. 1. buy the latest fashions × 2. choose local products √ 3. waste energy when things are made × 4. buy things from abroad × 5. make your own clothes √ 6. grow your own food √ √ 7. repair things 8. use paper cups and bags × 9. throw things away × 10.burn things ×
中国英语教师网 7

Read the passage and answer the questions.

How green are you? Do you care about protecting the environment and saving energy?
中国英语教师网 8

Read the passage and and give reasons for what you should or shouldn’t do.
eg: You shouldn’t buy the latest fashion because it waste energy to make them. You should grow your own food if possible because it saves money. You shouldn’t throw things away because they should be recycle.

You shouldn’t burn things because that pollutes the air.


Work in pairs and answer the questions.
What can we reuse? What can be recycled? 3. What can’t we throw away? 4. What takes a lot of energy to make? 5. What pollutes the air and water?
1. 2.
中国英语教师网 10

Possible answers:
1. 2.




We can reuse a lot of things, such as paper, water. Paper, cloth, batteries and glass can be recycled. If things can be for a longer time, we shouldn’t throw them away. New things take a lot of energy to make. Things made out of plastic and rubber.
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Writing: Make a poster about how to be green.
Make a list of things you use every day that you could recycle. glass bottles, newspapers, old clothes, drinks cans …

Make a list of the things that use power in your home.

lights, cooker, car, fridge … Make a list of green products – things that have already been recycled.
envelopes, paper … 中国英语教师网

Make suggestions about how to be green.
Give reasons using because, so and so that. Don’t throw bottles away because it’s better to recycle them. Do turn out lights

so that you use less energy. Try to use recycled envelopes because it saves energy.
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Homework: Retell the text.



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