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额外费用an extra charge 交换生exchange students 自由表达思想express their feelings and opinions more freely 受骗get cheated 浪费时间be a waste of time


Overseas:1.adj.海外/国外的 2.adv.向海外/国外

留学生overseas students 去海外go overseas 海归overseas returnees Engineering:n.1.工程 2.工程学

工程院an engineering college 工学院the school of engineering 电机工程electrical engineering 土木工程civil engineering 一个电机工程师an electrical engineer

Line:1.线路 2.列,排 3.电话/电报线 4.线,线条 5.绳子

西线the West Line 一排树a line of trees 站成一排line up 给sb. 写信drop sb. a line= write to sb. 请不要挂断电话,请稍候hold the line 对不起,电话正忙sorry, the line is busy 晾衣绳clothes line 画一条直线draw a straight line 终点线the finishing line


我没有一些额外的时间。I don’t have any extra time.

他是一个能干的工程师。He is an able engineer.

他为一家公交车公司工作。He works for a bus company.

他是一个大公司的工程师。He is an engineer in a big company.


Tomorrow is the first day of my new term; I hope I can have a nice beginning, so I prepare a lot. I put my books into my old bag. I have prepared my homework. My mother helps me to take something that I will use in the dormitory, such as quilt, the toothbrush, clothes and so on. 故事2:

Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over students making friends on line. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages in making friends on line. Generally speaking, it is widely believed that there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly, they can make a lot of friends. And secondly, they can express their feelings and opinions more freely. Thirdly, it’s good for them to learn English well.

Just a popular saying goes: “every coin has two sides.” Students making friends on line is no exception. To begin with, making friends on line is a waste of time. In addition, it’s bad for their study. And, they may get cheated.

To sum up, we should try to bring the advantages of making friends on line into full play---that is to say, we should make friends on line properly.

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