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report write 2.用英语写出下面这些人的工作地点。 学校 班级 姓名 成绩 一、补全单词。(10分)

r(歌唱家) (作家) t (男演员) r(工程师) w k(工作) wh i s (画家) t nt(会计)

p n(<男>警察) ner(清洁工) 二、找出不同类的单词。(10分) ( )1. A .sing B work C actor D play ( )2.A. have

B has

C does

D teaches ( )3.A .company B factory C home D policeman ( )4.A. drawing B helping C going D sing ( )5. A. moring B afternoon C train

D evening

三、选出一个画线部分发音与众不同的单词 (10分) ( ( (

( (

四、按要求写单词(10分) 1.写出下面动词的名词形式。

work act (女演员) play


邮递员 图书管理员 五、单项选择。(20分)

( )1.My grandmother is artist. A.a

B. an

C. the

( )2. My uncle works Hong Kong now . A . in

B. to


( )3.My brother writes the TV show my sister . A. to

B. of

C. for

( )4. If you enjoy math ,you can be an . A. actor

B. accountant C. policeman

( )5. She teaches lessons. She is a . A. actress B. salesperson

C. teacher

( )6. If you want to send a letter ,you can go to the . A . post office B. bank

C. school

( )7.It`s next the library . A. for

B. /

C. to

( )8. My father ___ to work b y bus .

A . go

B. going

C. goes

( )9.Where _____ we going to have the music class ? A . is

B. are

C. do

( )10. —What ___ she do ? —She is a nurse. A . is

B. does

C. do


1.does What father your do (?) ____________________________ 2.is actress She an (.) _______________________________ 3.does Where work he (?) 4.bus by goes school to She (.) 5.does How he to go work (?)

七、选择适当的答案填空。(只填答案序号)(10分) A :1.Who is he ? B : He is my brother . A: 2. is he ? B: He is twenty-eight. A: What does he do ? B: He 3. A: Where 4. ? B: He works in a 5. A: How does he go to work ?

B: He 6. .

A. is a doctor B . How old C. dose he work D. gose to work by taxi.

E. hospital


Bob is an engineer. He works in a small company. Jenny is an accountant.She likes working with numbers. Ben is a policeman. Jim is a salesperson. He sales computers. Ann is a cleaner. She gets up early every day ,but she likes her job.

( )1.Bob works in a small company . ( )2.Ben likes working with numbers . ( )3.Jenny is an accountant . ( )4.Jim is a salesperson.

( )5.Ann gets up early every day .


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