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Unit12 Peter can jump high正式

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Unit12 Peter can jump high

Teaching content:

1. Phrases: playground, jump high, jump far, swim fast, run fast,

fly high, can.

2. Sentences: I /he /she can…

---Can you…?

---Yes, I can. /No, I can’t.

Points and difficulties:

1. They are able to say these new words and phrases, the key


2. They are able to express their abilities.

Teaching aids:

Cards, pictures, computer

Step 1: warm up

1. Greetings. (glad to see you)

2. Sing a song. (fly,fly,fly热身操)

Step 2: presentation and drill

1. new words and phrases

1Run fast

T:(点击)OK! Boys and girls, look and listen!

Ss:(Look and listen.)

T: great! He can … (run 做跑的动作)


T:run,run,r-u-n, run(先带读,再个人或者小组)

S:run, run.此时同时在黑板上板书单词run


T: yes. (ppt上出现快的单词)

T: run fast

Ss: run fast (反复多次,magic fingers再个别操练)

T: Run, run, run fast(节奏加快,动作快)

S: Run. run, run fast

T and Ss: Run, run, run fast(重复若干次,板书 Run, run,run fast)

(1) Have a match

T:I can run fast(边说边做跑的动作).Can you run fast?(板书句型) Who wants to try?(说下中文)

S1: Yes, I can run fast.(边说边做动作)

T: Can you run fast,S2?


T: Now let’s have a match.(师生一起跑)

Good! 一起说I can run fast.


T:Who’s he?

Ss: He’s Liu Xiang.

T: Liu Xiang can run fast. He can run fast. (课件展示句型)

Ss: (跟读几遍,在个别操练)

T: Can you run fast?

S1: Yes, I can./No, I can’t.(再板书回答)

2jump high, jump far

T: look ,what am I doing?

S: ...

T:I can jump.

T: ok, jump(出现jump这个单词同时拿出单词卡片)

T: jump, jump.

How about this girl? She can…(出现图片)

She can jump… (做手势很远)

(出现jump far这个词组)

T: how about this picture. (出现跳远的图片)

出现jump high这个词组) she can jump high.

S: … s: …

A little teacher ( T : who can be a little teacher to read this sentence)( 此时出现 can you jump high…)

T: yes , I can. No , I can’t.

T: can you jump high?

S: no, I can’t(如果学生不会,指着黑板上的提示).

3swim fast

T: what am I doing?(做游泳的动作)

S: …

T: you please. S: …

T: follow me. Swim, swim.然后指着刚学过的fast.(由慢到快)

S: swim fast.

S1: swim fast. S2: swim fast.

Show a picture of swim.

T: can you?

S1: yes, I can. S2: No I can’t.

4fly high

T: what’s this?

S: it’s a bird.

T: it can… (做飞的动作)

S: fly…

T:you please. S: fly, the bird can fly.(指着ppt上的句子说)

T: can you? 此时单个叫人回答。

S1: no, I can’t. s2: … s3: …

T:展示课件Now look and speak. Everybody, stand up.Run fast/jump high/…

Ss: (边看边做动作)

2. Let’s chant

Fast, fast, run fast;跺脚

High, high, jump high;手向上

Far, far, jump far手向前

Fast, fast, swim fast;双臂张开

High, high, fly high.飞

3. Let’s play :Find friends

(游戏规则:师将写有动词或副词的单词卡随意发给学生,其余学生随老师示意齐读任意一个动词或副词,如:run.拿到该单词卡的学生到前面来并高举词卡说: Who is my friend? Run, run, run. 手持fast的学生也马上到前面来并高举词卡说:fast, fast, fast,I am your friend.最后全班齐说:run fast,run fast, run fast.

Step 3 practice

1.Look at the picture. Do you want to know what Mrs. LI can do?(出现我的图片)用这个句型 can you

S:s: 这时出现幻灯片我的头像在跳高再打疑问号 can you jump high?

T: yes, I can.

S: can you swim fast?以同样的方式

2 listen to the tape and finish it. (完成表格)

3check the answer Step 4 consolidation 2finish the table (完成表格)

3check the answer 4listen and repeat


I____run fast. I can swim ____. He____jump high. He can fly____ . She____jump far.

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