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4B 练习5

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Judy Dong

4B 练习5


( ( ( ( (


1.a lot of (反义词 2. turn on(反义词

3. story (复数) 4. 地球一小时

5. 讲一个童话故事 6. teaches(动词原形)7. leaves(单数) 8. cute(近义词)

9. March (同类词) 10. family(复数)


1. eat 2. see

3.fly 4. have

5. shake 6. wash

四. 选择填空

( )1. The dog usually meat and bones.

A. eats B. eat C. eating

( ) 2. The apple tree is so tall. The mouse can’t the apple.

A. shake B. touch C. see

( ) 3. his parents spots?

A. Does… like B. Do…like C. Do…likes

( ) 4. Let’s go .

A. skis B. ski C. skiing

( ) 5. That’s my photo. Let me have a A. see B. look C. watch

( ) 6. are you? I’m A. Where… in the room B. What… in the playground C. Where…playing

( ) 7. Grandpa always us a story at night.

A. says B. talks C. tells

( .

A. they B. their C. themselves

( ) 9. David is blind. He can the hamburger.

A. smell B. see C. hear

( ) 10. Are you hungry? Yes, I want some .

A. toys B. bread C. water

( )11. There are two of sunglasses.

A. packets B. pairs C. pieces


Judy Dong

( ) 12. Here some corn.

A. is B. are C. has

( )13. Do you have sketchbooks? Yes.

A. any B. some C. one

五、用所给单词的适当形式填空 (make) model ships at home.

2. What food (eat) ? It (eat) meat.

3. Where is Kally? Look! She (write) a letter in her room.

(sleep) in the bed. She is tired.

5. My favorite animal is (rabbit).

6. What the people (do) now?

They’re (chat).

7. Can she (have) some juice?

8. Is there (many) milk in the bottle? .


on onto off with into up

1. Kitty and her brother like chatting their friends.

at 6 o’clock in the morning.

3. Don’t jump the desk. It’s dangerous.

4. Do warm-up exercises before you go the home.

5. Don’t turn the light. They baby is sleeping.

6. The monkey climbs the tree.


1. I wash my hands in the bathroom. (用Mrs Chen 代替)

2. My mother often cleans the house in the afternoon.


4. Her father catches a bird in the park. (一般疑问句)

5. The living room is nice. (改为感叹句)

What . 分别提问)


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