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pep小学三年级英语上册unit4 my home partB Read and Write

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Unit 4 My Home

Read and Write

马安镇新乐小学 何佳

Teaching aims:

1. To understand the passage about Wu Yifan’s living room, to match and to find out where the keys are.

2. To read the passage correctly.

3. To complete the sentences with the core words in this unit.

4. To make Ss clean their rooms.

Teaching procedure

1. Warm-up

1) Greetings

2) Let’s do (to make Ss inspired)

2. Lead-in

T shows a beautiful house and invites the Ss to come. (to review the rooms we’ve learned)

3. Presentation

1) Guessing Game

Flash show: to find out “where are my books? Where are my pens? Where is my bag? Where are my glasses? Where are my keys?”

2) Present the text on P43

First, listen to the tape and follow it.

Second, match and read.

Third, read the text all together.

Fourth, fill in the blanks.

4. Practice

1) Combine the words into one sentence.

2) Look at the pictures and describe it in one sentence. (to reinforce the preposition of locality)

5. Look, choose and write on P43

1) Choose the right word and write it correctly and precisely.

2) Write a few sentences about Ss’ own room.

6. Extension

Show Ss some dirty rooms and make them aware of being tidy and clean.

7. Homework.

Design a room and describe it in English.

8. Blackboard Design

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