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B.I like chicken but I don't like steak.

C.I don't like sausages.

4.( )A.Don't run! B.Don't jump into the pool!

C.Don't play with the ball!

5.( ) A.I can see a crocodile. B.I can swim.

C.I can dive.


1.( )A.I like the red and the yellow one. B.I like cars.

C.I like green.

2. ( )A.I've got some grapes. B.I want some rice and vegetables.

C.We need some eggs.

3。( )A.I get up at six o'clock. B.I wash my face at six o'clock.

C.She does her homework at seven o'clock.

4.( )A. Don't eat here. B,You're making a cake.

C.My birthday is on the first of January.

5.( )A.They are chairs. B.There are thirty-eight chairs.

C.There are twenty-fifth children.


1 buy(现在分词)______ 2 drive(现在分词)______

3.small(反义词) ______ 4.child(复数)______

5 box(复数)______ 6.nine(序数词)______

7.Can not(缩略式)______ 8 want(三单)______

9 do(三单)______ 10 eight(序数词)______



1.( )Can I go out? --------No,I_______.

A can B is C can't D am

2.( )______ make a noise!

A Don't B No C Not D Are

3.( )I want ____ice-cream.

A a B / C an D some

4.( )What do you need _____ school?

A.of B from C for D on

5.( )Kitty _____ a dress.

A have B had C having D has

6.( )______ do you get up? ------- I get up at seven o'clock.

A When B.Who C What time D.Which

7.( )You are_____a cake.

A makeing B making C make D.makes

8.( )____ money have you got?-------Twenty yuan.

A How many B How much C.What D How long

9.( )Don't_____ rubbish!

A leaves B leave C.leaving D left

10.( )The traffic light is ____.Cross the road.

A red B yellow C green D blue


1.( )A.red B.cake C.orange D.yellow

2. ( )A.West lake B.Ocean park C.Li river D.cocoon.

3.( )A.parrot B.bear C,dangerous D crocodile

4.( )A.bus B,umbrella C.taxi D.underground

5.( )A.English B.door C,chairs D,cupboard



1.fan_______ 2.science_______ 3.toilet______

4.go out_____ 5.uniform________ 6.spoon______

7.clean the teeth________ 8.watch television_________

9.fly an aeroplane________ 10.Physical Education______



1)_____boys are there in the sky?

2)_____is that ball?--------It's ninety yuan.

3)_____do you wash your face?

4)_____is your birthday? --------- It's on the twenty-first of July.

5)___one do you like? --------- The big blue one.


lesson.Then he has Chinese at 9:10,He likes Maths best,He is very happy to have the lesson after Chinese,When it's 10:55,you can see the art teacher coming into his classroom.Then it's time for lunch,After lunch ,the pupils have their break for a while. It's Tommy's timetable for Monday, At 8:30 he has an English

1.( ) He has an English lesson at 9:00.

2.( )He has Chinese at 9:10.

= 3.( ) He has an art lesson at 10:55.

4.( )He likes English best.

4 5.( )This is Tommy's timetable for Monday.

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