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六年级英语What does she do课件1

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singer actor

artist writer



farmer worker

TV reporter

歌手 singer 作家 writer 教师 teacher 学生 student 男演员 actor 医生 doctor
女演员 actress 护士 nurse 农民 farmer 工人 worker 电视台记者 TV reporter

Who is she? Wow! She’s really beautiful. She ’s my aunt.

What does she do?
She’s an actress on TV.


Who is he? What does he do?
He is my uncle. He is a writer.

How exciting!
He writes the TV show for my aunt.

Sometimes my aunt works here in Beijing, but sometimes she works in Hong Kong.

How does she go to Hong Kong? She goes to Hong Kong by plane.

1.Who is the beautiful woman? 女士 She is Wu Yifan’s aunt.


2.What does she do?
She is an actress. 3.Who is the man? He is Wu Yifan’s uncle. 4.What does he do? He is a writer.

( )1. A. She is my mother. B. He is my father. C. She is a teacher.
( )2.A. She is a writer. B. He is a singer. C. She is an actress.

( )3. A. She goes to work by bike. B. She goes to work at 8 o’clock. C. She works in a school. ( )4.A. Tom goes to work by bike. B. Tom goes to work at 8 o’clock. C. Tom works in a school.

( )1.那位男孩是谁? A. Who is that boy? B. Where is that boy? C. What is that boy doing?

( )2.你的妈妈怎样去上班? A. How do you go to work? B. How does your mother go to work? C. How can your mother go to work?

( )3.你的爸爸在哪里工作? A. Where is your father? B. Where does your father work? C. Where is your father’s car?


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