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B. Have you got your crayons?

C. What’s Kitty got?

( )5.A. Don’t climb the trees!

B. Don’t throw stones!

C. Don’t pick the flowers!

三、 听音,选出适当的应答句。10﹪

( )1. A. I’m nine. B. I’m Kitty. C. I’m fine.

( )2. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I can’t. C. No, She isn’t.

( )3. A. I am a fireman. B. He likes cooking.

C. She’s a doctor.

( )4. A. They are boys. B. There are five flowers.

C. They have got six flowers.

( )5. A. It’s under the tree. B. They are in the aviary.

C. It’s Peter’s school. 四、 按要求写单词。10﹪

toy(复数)_________ knife(复数)__________

flies(单数)________ branches(单数)__________

have(三单)________ go(三单)_________

aren’t(完全形式)________ where is(缩写形式)___________ Peter(所有格)_________ I(形容词性物主代词)__________

五、 单项选择题。20﹪

( )1. ----What ______ your father _____?

---He’s a dentist.

A. do; does B. does; does C. does; do ( )2. ______ leave rubbish!

A. Can’t B. Don’t C. Doesn’t

( )3. Here ______ some corn.

A. is B. am C. are

( )4. ----Whose dress is it?


----It’s ______ dress.

A. me B. she C. her

( )5. How many _______?

A. sweet B. star C. squares

( )6. The ______ are green.

A. leaf B. leaves C. leafs

( )7. ----______ is it? -----Ten yuan.

A. How much B. How many C. How

( )8. I have a brother, ______ name’s Ben.

A. Her B. His C. Its

( )9. Don’t walk _____ the grass.

A. in B. under C. on

( )10. The lion’s _______ are sharp.

A. teeth B. tooth C. tooths

六、 选词填空。10﹪

1. My friend ________ a boy, he ______ ten. He _________ a bicycle.

2. I _______ a friend. She _______ a girl.

3. -----What ________ you?

1. ----________ is the bird? ----It’s under the tree.

2. ----________ old is Kitty? ----She’s seven.

3. ----________book is this? ----It’s Alice’s book.

七、 选出不同种类的单词。6﹪

( )1. A. thin B. full C. tired D. thirty ( )2. A. run B. shoe C. paint D. write ( )3. A. block B. finger C. head D. foot ( )4. A. biscuit B. sad C. cake D. coke ( )5. A. teacher B. mouth C. waiter D. waitress 3

( )6. A. is B. am C. are D. me

八、 根据问句选择答句。6﹪

( )1. How are you?

( )2. How old are you?

( )3. Whose pencil is that?

( )4. Is this your rubber?

( )5. What does he do?

( )6. How do you feel?

A. Yes, it is.

B. I’m hungry.

C. I’m fine.

D. I’m eight.

E. That’s Peter’s rubber.

F. He is a postman.

九、 根据中文圈出正确的单词。8﹪

1. 大楼(black block) 2. 圆的(circle round)

3. 十四(fourteen forty) 4. 害怕的(angry afraid)

5. 女服务员(waitress waiter) 6. 滑梯(swing slide)

7. 树叶(leave leaf) 8. 走路(walk work)

十、 阅读理解。10﹪

Kitty Li is our new classmate. We call her Kitty. Kitty is nine years old. She has short black hair, and a small mouth. She likes painting and reading. There are four people in her family. Her mother is a doctor, her father is a teacher, her brother is a student, too. His name is Peter. Her parents are very nice, Kitty and I are good friend. ( )1. Kitty is my good friend, I call her Li.

( )2. Kitty has short hair.

( )3. Kitty can paint and read.

( )4. Kitty’s brother is Peter.

( )5. Kitty’s mother and father are doctors.


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