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Module 1 Friends 朋友 短语;1、a bit

句型:1、This is Ms Smart. 这是斯马特女士。 She is a nice teacher.她是一位好老师。 2、This is my big brother. He’s cool. Module 2 London伦敦

短语:a book about London the capital of… be from来自 Buckingham Palace白金汉宫 River Thames泰晤士河 Big Ben大本钟 Hyde Park海德公园 Tower Bridge伦敦塔桥 many boats许多船 on the river 在河上 句型:1、I’m from London.

2、London is the capital of England. It’s very big and very beautiful. 3、This is the River Thames.。 It’s long and wide. Module 3 Picnic野餐

短语on Saturday have a picnic举行一次野餐 take your kite go to the park

do my homework visit my grandma help my mother read my books

句型:1、We’re going to have a picnic. 2、Will you take your kite? Yes,I will./No, I won’t. 3、On Monday I’ll go swimming. 4、Will you play football on Monday? Yes, I will.../No, I won’t. Module 4 Robots机器人

短语:help children learn make cakes 句型:1、One day, robots will do everything. 2、Will it be windy in Beijing? Yes, it will. / No, it won't. Module 5 Size尺寸

短语:Mount Qomolangma珠穆朗玛峰

the Great Wall长城 the Summer Palace颐和园 句型:1、Sam is shorter than Lingling.

2、The Changjiang River is longer than the Yellow River.长江比黄河长。 Module 6 Music 音乐

短语:the first girl be quiet Chinese music play the erhu play the zither play the guitar pop music play the drums

句型1、I think this girl is better than the first girl. 2、What music do you like?你喜欢什么音乐? I like pop music.我喜欢流行音乐。


Module 7 Countries国家

短语:my project speak English in the east/west/north/south

1、San Francisco is in the west.旧金山在西部。 2、Beijing is the capital of China.北京是中国的首都。 Module 8 Changes变化

短语the little girl so short my grandparents 句型: 1、They were young then. 他们那时很年轻。 They are old now. 现在他们老了。 2、 I was four then. Now I am thirty. 3、 They weren’t old then.他们那时不老, They were young.他们很年轻

weren't →were not wasn't → was not Module 9 Weekend周末

短语;phone grandma cook meat walk in the park play on the computer a nice day help your mum 句型1、 I helped Mum.我给妈妈帮忙。 2、 Did you cook meat yesterday?

Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t. 3、Did Dad cook lunch? Yes, he did. / No, he didn’t Module 10 Accidents事故

短语:go for a bike ride hungry and thirsty

buy a watermelon fall off the bike bump my head have got a cold/stomachache/headache/fever

句型:1、Sam and I went for a bike ride yesterday.

And then …?然后……? 2、 Sam had lots of chocolate biscuits yesterday. 3、 So today he’s got a stomachache. 形容词比较级变化规律: 1、 形容词后直接加er 2、e结尾直接加r

3、辅音加y结尾,y→ier 4、辅元辅 (元音为短音),双末尾加er

不规则:good—better bad—worse many--more 动词的一般过去式变化规律: 1、 动词后直接加ed 如cooked

2、 动词末尾是不发音的e的直接加d 如phoned 3、 辅元辅,双写末尾加ed 如stopped 4、 辅音加y结尾,变y为i加ed

am/is---was are---were do---did go---went fall---fell come---came take---took feel---felt have/has---had buy----bought hold---held

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