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牛津 期末 4A 听力原文

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I. 听音,排序。

1. This is my grandfather.

2. She is a nurse.

3. I am so thirsty.

4. It is a circle.

5. It’ s warm and sunny.

II. 听音,选出你所听到的单词。

1. A bird can fly.

2. Is there a park near your school?

3. The eggs are in the box.

4. I would like some rice.

5. He has a pair of green shorts.

III. 听音,选出正确的图片。

1. This is my grandmother.

2. It’ s windy today.

3. I’ d like some tomatoes.

4. My friend is a fireman.

5. I has a blue shirt.

IV. 听音,选出正确的答语。

1. Can you draw?

2. What does your father do?

3. How many supermarkets are there?

4. What would you like?

5. How is the weather?

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