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1.Cairo A. 开罗 B. 巴黎 C. 伦敦 D. 多伦多

2.province A. 省 B. 市 C. 自治区 D. 州

3.continent A. 国家 B. 海洋 C. 洲、大陆 D. 地区

4.Ocean A. 大洋 B. 大陆 C. 大江 D. 天空

5.The Forbidden City A. 长城 B. 故宫 C. 颐和园 D. 天安门


1.长城 A. The Summer Palace B. The Forbidden City C. The Great Wall D. Beihai Park

2. 南美洲 A. North America B. Europe C. Asia D. South America

3. 金字塔 A. pyramid B. The Opera House C. CN Tower D. Red Square

4. 莫高窟 A.The Mogao Caves B.the warriors C.the Shaolin Temple D.the Potala Palace

5. 蜂鸟 A. bird B. ostrich C. humming bird D. penguin

6. 雪山 A. Yellow Mountain B. Mount Tai C. snow-capped mountains D. Mount Emei

7.爬行动物 A.mammal B. bird C. insect D. reptile

8. 非洲 A. Europe B. Oceania C. Asia D. Africa

9.埃菲尔铁塔 A. CN Tower B. Eiffel Tower C. Tokyo Tower D. Pyramid 10 莫斯科 A. Paris B. Sydney C. Moscow D. Los Angeles


1. on summer vacation________ 2. snow-capped mountains _______ 3. kind of ___________

4. the Potala Palace _________ 5. be famous for __________ 6. be good at ___________

7.在。。。西部___________ 8. 在……北部 ____________ 9.和。。。。。。一样长__________

10。五米高_________ 11. 中国茶 _____________ 12。南美_________ IV. 根据汉意写出下列单词或短语

1.西藏__________ 2.山__________ 3.茶__________ 4.亚洲__________ 5.汉语__________

6.河马__________ 7.强壮的__________ 8.翅膀__________ 9.南__________ 10.丝绸__________ V. 按要求写出下列各词的变化形式

go (过去式) __________ do(过去式) __________ heavy(最高级) __________ big(比较级) __________ Russian(国家名) __________ Chinese(国家名) __________ ostrich(复数形式) __________ take(过去式) __________ scarf(复数形式) __________ VI. 将地点与景观连线

the Potala Palace Yunnan province pyramid Russia the Stone Forest Tibet Red Square Australia Elephant Trunk Hill Henan province Eiffel Tower Egypt Yellow Mountain Guangxi province the Opera House France the warriors Anhui province Disney Land Canada the Shaolin Temple Xi’an CN Tower America VII. 选择填空

1.I went to Wuhan __________ train.

A. with B. by C. for D. take

2. What did you do there? I __________ some pictures.

A. take B. taking C. took D. will take

3. I’d like ___________ for a picnic this weekend.

A. to go B. go C. going D. to goes

4. Asia is _____________ continent in the world.

A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

5. An ostrich can ____________ at 70 kilometers in an hour.

A. runs B. running C. to run D. run

6. Lhasa is __________ for the Potala Palace.

A. kind B. famous C. like D. favorite

7. An elephant can weigh 4 _____________.

A. grams B. kilograms C. tons D. meters

8. Ostrich is ______________ bird.

A. Kind of B. kinds of C. a kind of D. one of

9. Whales live ________________.

A. in the water B. in the air C. in the land D. on the land

10. A giraffe is _________________ a tree.

A. as heavy as B. as tall as C. as fast as D. as small as VIII. 读问句, 选答句

( ) 1. Where is Harbin? A. I’d like to go to Australia.

( ) 2 . What is Xi’an famous for? B. It runs at 70 kilometers an hour.

( ) 3. Where would you like to go this winter vacation? C. It’s in the Oceania.

( ) 4. What do you know about Australia? D. It’s in the north of China.

( ) 5. What language do people speak there? E. It’s 150 tons.

( ) 6. What kind of animal are crocodiles? F. They are reptiles.

( ) 7. How tall is it? G.. It’s 6 meters tall.

( ) 8. How fast is it? H. It’s famous for the warriors.

( ) 9. How heavy is it? I. People there speak English. IX. 汉译英

1. 那的人讲法语。


2. 它能像火车跑得那样快。


3. 这个寒假你想去哪?


4. 西安以什么出名?


5. 它以兵马俑出名。


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