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Unit 3 A rainy weekend B2

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Then She watered the plants.

She danced in the living room.

In the afternoon,

After that She jumped on the bed.

She painted a picture.

danced well
danced with ----


The plants were green/beautiful/big. There was a butterfly/There were---.

painted some animals/toys/snow/flowers /a house/----

jumped high/well

jumped on a --- bed

jumped like a ---

How many people are there? Who are they?
What did they do on the weekend? Name Name
The man in blue

What they do? What did did they do?
watched TV, a great movie
Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone

Steven Jake Linda John

stayed at home, cleaned the house
worked, at the studio

played some tennis, listened to music

What did John and Linda do on the weekend? Make a story!

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