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龙文教育 小学英语五年级上学期期末测试模拟题

一、 仿照例子,至少写出两个单词。(10分)

1. animals: pig, ______ _______ _________.

2. flower: tulip, ______ _______ __________.

3. places: hospital, _______ ________ _______.

4. months: November, __________ ________ ________

5. transportations(交通工具): train, ______ ______ ________.

二、 选择题。(15分)

( )1. A: What’s the date today?

B: _____________.

A. It’s Wednesday. B. It’s December 26. C. It’s Children’s Day

( )2. _______ your father usually _____ dinner at home?

A. Do, has B. Do, have C. Does, have

( )3. ________ is between September and November.

A. June. B. August. C. October.

( )4. A:_________ do you often play badminton? B: Every day.

A. How long B. How often C. How much

( )5. Look! The children _______playing basketball.

A. is B. are C. am

( )6. How many _________ can you see?

A. giraffe B. frog C. turtles

( )7. A cat ______ jump and run.

A. can’t B. must C. can

( )8. May is _______ month in a year.

A. the first B. the fifth C. the third

( )9. A:________ does Ben go to school every week?

B: On foot.

A. When B. What C. How

( )10. _______ feed the animals in the zoo!

A. Doesn’t B. Don’t C. Can’t


三、 看图,将下列句子中所缺的单词补充完整。(首字母已给出) (18分

1. Today is S________ the 10. It’s T________ Day.

2. Let’s m______ at the gate of the z______.

3. The boy can c________ the tree.

4. He c_______ s________. 5.It’s a q_______ to f______.

6. He’s t_______ a p______. 7.She can s_______ E_______.

7.The k________ can j______. 9.Don’t p_____ on the g______..

8.The boy often g____ home by b_______.

9.They are going to p_______ t_______.

10.They usually go to the m_______ on Sunday.

四、 选择每组单词中与其它三个不同类的词,把答案的字母编号写在括号内。(10分) th

( ) 1. A. photo B. lily C. tulip D. rose

( ) 2.A. flower B. violet C. bluebell D. sunflower

( )3. A. tree B. grass C. flower D. camera

( )4. A. forget B. throw C. bench D. kill

( ) 5. A. tiger B. train C. bear D. lion

( )6 A. Africa B. sea C. Asia D. Europe

( )7. A. frog B. turtle C. hill D. monkey

( ) 8. A. speak B. sorry C. ride D. climb

( ) 9.second B. twelve C. third D. first

()_l0. A. museum B.weekend C. park D. zoo

五、 用动词的适当形式填空。(16分)

1. Look! The children _______ ( swim) in the river.

2. Kate usually ______ ( play) cards with her friends after school on Monday.

3. I _________ ( visit ) my grandparents next week.

4. What _____ Lucy ______ ( do ) next Sunday?

5. ______ Yongxian _______ ( watch ) TV every evening?

6. Mike ___________ ( not go ) shopping tomorrow.

7. My father and I __________( have) a party now.

8.______ we _______( go) fishing next Saturday?

六、 按实际情况回答问题。(15分)

1. What’s the date today?____________________________

2. What do you usually do on Sunday?___________________________________

3. Does your first term start in September in your school year?_________________

4. Where do pandas come from?_____________________

5. How do you often go to school?____________________

6. Is there a hospital near your school?__________________

7. Can you speak English very well?_____________________

8. How often do you usually watch TV?___________________

9. Can a monkey climb the tree?_________________________

10.What are you going to do on Winter holiday?_________________________

七、 阅读题。(9分)

1.阅读短文,并判断句子是否符合短文内容,如符合在括号内些“T”, 否则写“F”。

I’m Tony. I go to the Xiangjiang Zoo with my father today. I can see the monkeys, white tigers, bears, lions, giraffes, ect. The monkeys are running and jumping. They’re lovely. The white tigers are opening their big mouths. They’re horrible. The giraffes are over there. They have long necks. They look very beautiful. I want to take photos of them. But I don’t. Because it’s the zoo rule, it’s dangerous. ( )1. Tony goes to the Xiangjiang Zoo with his father today.

( )2. There are white tigers, lions, bears, giraffes, monkeys in the zoo.

( )3. The monkeys are running and dancing.

( )4. The tigers are horrible.

( )5. Tony takes the photos of the animals.

2. 读对话,根据对话的内容选择正确的答案。

Mike: Excuse me. How can Iget to Yuexiu Park,please?

Torn:Sorry, I don’t know. You can ask the policeman over there.

Mike: Thank you very much. :

Mike: Excuse me. I’m lost. Could you tell me the way to Yuexiu Park?

Policeman: Yes. It’s near here. Now youare here. Go straight ahead and take the second left. You can see it on your right.

Mike: Go straight ahead then take the second right.

Policeman:No,take the second left.

Mike: Oh, thank you very much.

Policeman:You’re welcome.

( )1. Mike wants go to the _______.

A. hospital B. hotel C. park

( )2. Can Tomhelp Mike?

A. Yes,he can. B. No,he can’t. C. Of course

( )3. Is the park near here? ________.

A. No, it isn’tB Yes,it is. C. Yes,itcan .

( )4. The park is on the_________.

A. right B. left C.park

八、 作文。(7分)





题目:(二. 2)




答案:are swimming

解析:此题考查的是现在进行时的运用,题中“look”就是现在进行时的关键词;现在进行时的公式是“be+being”,所以本题还有2个易错的地方,一个是be的形式,children 是复数,所以be动词只能用are。 另一个是swim的ing形式,得双写m再加ing

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