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高春艳 小学英语六年级上册期末试卷

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.2013年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷. .2013年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷.


题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密


六年级 英语

(满分:100分 测试时间:90分钟)

Listening part

一、Listen and choose (听录音, 选出你所听到的内容)(10分) ( ) 1. A. north B. nose C. mouth ( ) 2. A. live B. dive C. drive ( ) 3. A. right B. tonight C. night ( ) 4. A. ship B. shop C. stop ( ) 5. A. writer B. winter C. water

二、Listen and number (听录音, 排顺序) (10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

第1页,共6页 三、Listen and choose the right answer (听录音,根据问句选答语)(10分)

( ) 1. A. She is strong. B. Yes, she is. C. She is an actress. ( ) 2. A. I often go by bus. B. I like diving. C. He likes diving.

( ) 3. A. He is a worker. B. He works in a school. C. She works in a bank. ( ) 4. A. on foot B. by bike C. by bus ( ) 5. A. I’m going to the zoo. B. I’m going at 3 o’clock.

C. I’m going to read books.

四、Listen and number(听录音,排顺序)(10分)

( ) And then?

( ) Excuse me. Where is the post office? ( ) Thank you!

( ) Turn leftat the cinema, then go straight. It’s on the left. ( ) It’s east of the cinema.

Writing part


( )1. A. actor B. father C. teacher

D. cleaner

( )2. A. cloud B. rain C. sun D. seed


.2012年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷. .2012年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷.

( )3. A. classroom B. bookstore C. salesperson D. shoe store ( )4. A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway ( )5. A. east

B. west C. straight

D. south

六、Read and choose(根据图意选择短语,将代号填入图下括号中)(5分)

( ) ( )

( )

( )

( )



A. plane

B. train

2. A. traffic lights B. traffic rule

3. A. policeman B. engineer

第3页,共6页 4.

A. ride a bike

B. play the violin

5. A. post office B. bookstore

八、Read and choose the right answer (单项选择)(1( ) 1. —

—You can go by plane.

A. What B. Where C. How ( ) 2. Where A.is B. does C. do

( ) 3. In China drivers drive on the side of the road. A. left B. right C. two

( ) 4. I am going to my grandparents next week.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting

( ) 5. I want to buy some books. So I can go to the A. bookstore B. shoe store C. pet shop

( ) 6. Amy’ A. a , an, B. a, a C. an, a


.2013年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷. .2013年小学六年级期末水平测试英语试卷.


题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密

( ) 7. It ___ from the clouds.

A. come B. comes C. coming

( ) 8. —are you going this afternoon? —I’m going to the hospital.

A.What B.Where C.When

( listening to music. A.like B.likes C. liking ( ) 10.—What’s your hobby?

—I like kites.

A. make B. making C.makes

九、Put the words in right order (连词成句)(10分)

1. do How you to go school ( ? )

2. comes the Where from rain does ( ? )

3. to get can the I Nature How Park ( ? )

4. at cinema Turn the left ( . )

第5页,共6页 5. then What do you should ( ? )

十、Read and find (读一读,找答语)(10分)


Amy and Tom are going to have a busy day next Sunday. In the morning, Tom is going to visit his aunt and Amy is going to buy a cat in the pet shop. Tom is going to have lunch with his aunt. After lunch, Amy is going to borrow some magazines and comic books in the library. Tom is going to buy a dictionary and a new CD in the bookstore. Finally, Amy and Tom are going buy some apples and go home by subway.

( ) 1、Tom is going to visit his aunt on Sunday. ( ) 2、Amy is going to buy the cat in the bike shop. ( ) 3、Tom is going to have lunch with his uncle. ( ) 4、Tom is going to buy a new CD in the bookstore ( ) 5、Amy and Tom are going to be busy next Sunday.


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