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B7M9U2课用do you want to go to guilin

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联合国大 1.the UN building 楼有的国旗 所 2.all the flags 全世界 3.all around the world 4.bring peace to the world 把和平带给世界 到里面去 5.go inside 6.show Daming the present from China

7.take a photo 8.the People`s Republic of China

给大明看来自中国的礼物 照相 中华人民共和国

(请找“want to” 并观察其后面动词的形式)

? ? ? ?

want to want to want to want to China ? want to

visit the UN building bring peace to the world go inside show Daming the present from

take a photo

? want to + 动词原形 想干某事



It's a map of China.


the oriental pearl TV tower in Shanghai

? 中国2010年上海世 博会吉祥物的名字 叫“海宝 (HAIBAO)”, 意即“四海之宝 。 海宝”的名字与吉 祥物的形象密不可 分,寓意吉祥。 ? 由汉字“人”演变 而来的海宝——美 中国2010年上海世博会吉祥物 的名字叫“海宝 好城市的创造者和 (HAIBAO)”,意即“四海 体验者。 之宝 。海宝”的名字与吉祥物

中国2010年上海世博会 于5月1日开幕 到10月31 日结束

1999昆明世博会吉祥物-滇金丝猴 灵灵


Beijing National Stadium

This is the Great Wall.

It's very long,old,famous and beautiful.

This is the Tian'anmen Square.

It's very famous and beautiful.







象 鼻 山

By water, by mountains, most lovely, Guilin !

MODULE9 UNIT 2 Do you want to go to Guilin ?

Listen to the tape then number the places.

Listen and tick"√"or"×"

√ 1.Beijing is very big and very famous. 2.Guilin is very cold in winter but the snow is very beautiful. × 3.Kunming has got a beautiful lake.√ .

1.Listen again and fill in the blanks.
big famous ? 1)Beijing is very ___and very____. shops tall ? 2)There are lots of ____buildingsand____ in ____ Hong Kong. cold ? 3)Harbin is very ____in winter,but snow the____is very beautiful. ? 4)Kunming is in the south of China. _____ ? 5)There are lots of mountainsand lakes in _____ ___ Guilin.

Questions :Think and


1. Where does the boy want to go? He wants to go to Beijing. 2. Why does the boy want to go to Beijing? BecauseBeijing is very big and very famous . 3. Where does the girl want to go? She wants to go to HongKong. 4. Are there lots of tall buildings and shops in Hong Kong? Yes,there are. 5. Where does Mum want to go? She wants to go to Harbin. 6. How is the weather in Harbin in winter? Harbin is very cold in winter. 7. Where is Kunming? It's in the south of China.

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