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闽教版五年级上册Unit 2 Back to School Lesson3

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Lesson 3 Back to school

? Did you have a good time in your summer vacation?你们暑假过的愉快吗? ? What did you do?你们做了什么呢? ? Did you play basketball? ? Did you play football? ? Did you play the piano? ? Did you do your homework? ? Did you swim in the sea? ? Did you watch TV?

play basketball

play football

play the piano

do my homework

swim in the sea

watch TV



the Great Wall

What did you do in your summer vacation? I did my homework./ I swam in the sea./ I watched TV./ I played the piano./ I played basketball./I played football.

Did you go to Beijing in your summer vacation? Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t. Did you have a good time? Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t. Did you take some photos? Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t.

结合生活实际,运用今天所学句型 制作一个小对话,并上台表演,俩人 一组

visit, visit, visited,visited Big Ben visit, visit, visited,visited the Great Wall play, play, played, played basketball. swim, swim,swam,swam in the sea take, take, took, took some photos. do, do, did, did my homework..

Read and think(读一读,想一想)
? Did you have a good time? ? Yes, ____did. I ? Did she have a good time? ? Yes, she ____did. ? Did ____have a good time? he ? Yes, he did ___. ? Did they have a good time? ? Yes,they ____. ____ did

写出下列动词的过去式 take _____ go_____ do______

play _____


swim ______


took take _____
play played _____

went go_____
visited visit_____

did do______
was is_______


was _____

were are_____

swam swim ______

bought buy _____

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